Sharm Sheikh weather

Sharm El Sheikh sits on south tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba. It enjoys a hot and dry wilderness weather. During springtime and summer time, normal temperatures range between a mild 21°C and a scorching 33°C, whilst autumn and winter months views slightly cooler average conditions varying between 18°C and 27°C.

But the difference in temperature is really the only real main disimilarity regarding climate between summer time and wintertime in Sharm el Sheik – the common sea temperature, normal daily sunlight hours and average rainfall remain very constant throughout the thirty days.

Sharm el Sheikh’s coastal area in the Red water suggests it is more gentle than interior elements of Egypt, such as for instance Cairo and Luxor. The moderating outcomes of the cool sea breeze in addition to northwest prevailing winds which come more than from Mediterranean help protect the resort from real temperature extremes observed in the wilderness. The lack of rainfall in Sharm el Sheik is attributed to the huge rain shadow due to North Africa’s Atlas Mountains therefore the area’s flat topography which gives no barrier to winds.

While on land Sharm El Sheikh’s hot, arid weather features resulted in an endless sandy desert, underwater the landscape is filled with exotic life and colour. The Red water coral flourishes during these continuously hot and nutrient rich waters and a home to many unusual types of marine life, such as the masked butterflyfish, the Picasso triggerfish, the purple water flasher wrasse while the red water anemonefish.


When it comes to temperature, the best time to go to Sharm el Sheikh is in the transitional times of Spring or Autumn. During March, daytime highs of 25°C are cozy sufficient without having to be scorching, whilst night time temperatures of 13°C are cool adequate to provide some rest from the heat without having to be also cool. 11-12 hours of sunshine each day imply there’s many opportunity to be out and about prior to the scorching summer heats descend. These months will also be best for travellers thinking about diving, whenever sea visibility is clearest and water conditions hover around 22-23°C.


Throughout the summer period in Sharm el Sheikh, normal temperatures get started at 29°C in-may and quickly rise until they peak at 33°C in July and August. After these months, typical temperatures start to drop so that they just get to 31°C in September. This will make May the coolest summer time thirty days – with typical highs of 34°C during the daytime and typical lows of 24°C at night – and August the latest summer time thirty days – with average highs of 37°C throughout the daytime and average lows of 28°C during the night.

The top difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures is related to the high level of insolation which will be caused by extremely reasonable humidity levels allowing better quantities of solar radiation to attain the earth’s area. The low moisture additionally really helps to make the intense Sharm el Sheikh temperature somewhat more bearable. Therefore whilst it may be ridiculously hot, it is much less uncomfortable as it's when you look at the humid tropics.

The cool sea-breeze also provides some rest from heat, but actually it is also hot is external for very long between 11am and 4pm during summertime – the latest time of the time. A sensible way to cool down today of year in Sharm el Sheikh is always to simply take a dip in the sea. Typical sea temperatures are at their coolest in-may whenever they’re simply 25°C, whilst they’re at their hottest in August, once they peak at 29°C.

Sunbathing on beach combined with fast dips when you look at the water, watercraft trips, scuba and snorkelling with an inches of sun tan cream protecting your own skin can all be enjoyed in comfort throughout the early morning, belated afternoon and early night. Air-conditioning is a total necessity within accommodation as soon as you are exterior, you should always carry many liquid and sunshine cream to you, since the risk of sunburn, sunshine stroke and dehydration is extremely full of summer in Sharm el Sheikh.

In May, June, July and August – the sunniest months of the year – the sun's rays shines for a staggering 13 hours each day. During September when the sunlight shines the least, there are 12 hours for the stuff each and every day. Strangely, July could be the cloudiest month of the season, when median cloud coverage varies between 83% (mostly cloudy) at the start of the month and 28% (mostly obvious) because of the end regarding the thirty days.

Inspite of the high cloud coverage, the clouds you notice in Sharm el Sheikh in summer aren't rain clouds. During might the resort is subject to typically a mere 1mm of rain which falls down to typically 0mm of rainfall between Summer and September.


Autumn, like Spring, is amongst the best times to visit Sharm el Sheikh. Typical conditions fall from 27°C in October to 23°C in November. This transitional duration between summertime and winter months means that daytime temperatures don’t climb too high, topping at an average of 31°C in October and 27°C in November, whilst not feeling to low during the night, between 23-18°C. Water conditions of 26-27°C and clear presence makes this one of the greatest times for all desperate to scuba plunge.

Cold Temperatures

Winter in Sharm el Sheik is notably cooler than summer time, with normal conditions starting at 19°C in December, dipping down seriously to a reduced of 18°C in January and creeping back-up to 19°C by February. This implies January could be the coldest thirty days of winter months for Sharm el Sheikh – with typical highs of 22°C throughout the daytime and average lows of 13°C through the night – and December the warmest cold weather month – with average highs of 23°C during daytime and typical lows of 15°C at night time.

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Egypt Sharm El Sheikh weather
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