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Sharm El Sheikh weather August

During the period of August, the size of your day is gradually lowering. The quickest day of the thirty days is August 31 with 12:44 hours of sunlight; the longest time is August 1 with 13:27 hours of daylight.

Daily Hours of Daylight and Twilight in August

How many hours where the Sun is seen (black line), with various levels of sunlight, twilight, and evening, indicated by the shade bands. From base (most yellowish) to top (many gray): full daylight, solar power twilight (sunlight is seen but not as much as 6° from the horizon), municipal twilight (Sun is certainly not noticeable but is less than 6° below the horizon), nautical twilight (Sun is between 6° and 12° underneath the horizon), astronomical twilight (sunlight is between 12° and 18° underneath the horizon), and complete evening.

The initial sunrise reaches 5:05am on August 1; the newest sunset has reached 6:32pm on August 1; the latest sunrise reaches 5:21am on August 30; the first sunset has reached 6:04pm on August 31.

Daylight-saving time (DST) is not seen in 2012.

Everyday Sunrise & Sunset with Twilight in August

The solar time during the period of the season 2012 . From base to top, the black outlines are the previous solar power midnight, sunrise, solar noon, sunset, and the after that solar midnight. The day, twilights (solar power, civil, nautical, and astronomical), and night tend to be indicated by the shade rings from yellow to gray.

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