Mount Sinai

Sharm El Sheikh weather July

Throughout July typical wind speeds differ from 3 miles per hour to 20 mph (light environment to fresh piece of cake), hardly ever surpassing 24 mph (strong breeze).

The greatest average wind speed of 13 miles per hour (reasonable piece of cake) happens around July 1, where time the common daily optimum wind speed is 20 miles per hour (fresh piece of cake).

The least expensive typical wind-speed of 12 miles per hour (mild breeze) does occur around July 17, where time the common day-to-day optimum wind-speed is 19 mph (fresh snap).

Wind Speed in July

The common everyday minimum (red), maximum (green), and average (black colored) wind-speed with percentile rings (internal band from 25th to 75th percentile, exterior band from 10th to 90th percentile).

The wind is most often out from the north (57percent of that time) and north east (13% of times). The wind is least often out of the south-west (1percent of that time period), south east (2% of times), eastern (2per cent of that time), south (3per cent of the time), west (4% of the time), and north west (4% of that time period).

Wind Instructions in July

The small fraction period spent with the wind blowing through the numerous directions throughout the whole year. Values cannot sum to 100% as the wind path is undefined when the wind speed is zero.

Fraction period Spent with different Wind instructions in July

The small fraction of the time spent using wind blowing from the various directions on a daily basis. Stacked values cannot always sum to 100percent as the wind direction is undefined if the wind speed is zero.

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