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Trips to Egypt

Egyptian Pyramids side view in the middle of desertLike many people, Egypt is someplace I experienced wished to choose years. I happened to be fascinated with Ancient Egypt at school, and a call to the Egyptian Pyramids constantly showcased prominently on any range of my must see destinations. I became very happy once I surely could fit it into my six week around the world tour in 2003/4. Regrettably, each one of these years of waiting to begin to see the magnificent pyramids did not prepare me personally for the disappointing go to which was to eventuate. I would not have believed that I would end up hating Egypt.

We invested three evenings in Cairo, which is three of the worst evenings i've spent anywhere. We had been hassled and mistreated pretty much continuously. This fantasy destination I'd already been imagining, changed into the worst destination We have ever been.

Airport Dramas

standing at the egyptian pyramids at Giza plus the sphinxAfter our wonderful experience being scammed in Bangkok, we'd a 12 hour transit in London before arriving in Cairo airport. It is still even today, the worst knowledge I have had in an airport, especially as it ended up being after much time of travel.

Firstly, many airports have individuals attempting to sell you things such as transfers and resorts. But only at Cairo Airport, these people were actually permitted in every aspects of the airport. We had been becoming hassled before we also made it through immigration, let-alone to our bags! We were fatigued and there was somebody continuously hassling united states although we lined up for visas, then passport control after which to have our bags. These are our bags, local people were at the baggage carousel, taking bags down and merely walking away together! We were lucky we got through immigration whenever we did, as someone ended up being simply walking off with your bag at that moment!

Passport control was dodgy as well. The guy whom stamped our passports kept all of them, and told united states to keep going! He said we would obtain it whenever we flew out! Not a way we had been making our passports behind, so we waited and kept hassling him, while he refined various other peoples. Whenever we said we had been going to ask another person, he offered them back straight away. It was really odd.

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Is it safe to travel to Egypt in November 2016? - Quora

Yes it is safe although you can hear opposite than this in the news or on internet but basically you can enjoy safe and interesting trip in Egypt .

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