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Two-hour Touch Tour

Discover first-hand, about life, death while the afterlife in old Egypt by getting sculpture and carvings produced around 5000 years ago. With this two-hour program, dubbed 'the energy Trip, ' site visitors will go to the Museum's Lower Egypt Gallery to know about the all-powerful gods and goddesses, the part of pharaohs as well as the ancient Egyptian desire for eternal life. Touch and explore the Museum's monumental granite sphinx, a lion with a person mind, considered to be the greatest in western hemisphere and learn to recognize hieroglyphs that proclaim the effectiveness of the master along with his associations using the divine.

Two hour Classroom Session and Touch Tour

This two-hour program includes a 45-minute class program handing genuine and reproduction items utilized in the ritual and practice of mummification. This can be followed closely by a one-hour touch tour into the Upper Egypt Gallery examining the huge statue of Ramesses the Great, the next pharaoh of this Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. Site visitors then touch and take the pose of Sekhmet, a tall sitting statue regarding the feline headed goddess. Full the trip by touching and learning about two mummiform sarcophagi that when entombed the figures of crucial old Egyptian dignitaries.


Thanks a great deal to take me on the wonderful touch trip within Penn Museum last Thursday! It was extraordinary to possess direct connection with objects i've just understood about through reading and the explanations of other people! I must say I had no clue exactly what hieroglyphics appear to be until We explored the cartouches regarding sphinx and also the sarcophagus cover, therefore was thrilling to acknowledge symbols made use of continuously. Notwithstanding my reading about ancient Egypt, I experienced no real concept of the size and mass of Egyptian carvings until my hands-on contact this morning. There is no substitute for direct experience! Thank-you a great deal for checking this possibility for me as well as so many various other blind people of all ages!

By Debbie Stein, Visitor from Chicago

One-hour class room Session

This class room program is offered on site in the Museum or by special arrangement at your college or organization.

On location during the Museum

Discover firsthand concerning the opinions, traditions and training of mummification within fun and informative multi-sensory system in the Museum classroom. Touch, odor and interact with authentic and replica items including a brain hook, old linen, canopic jars and a complete dimensions reproduction mummy!

At your School or Institution

Philly Touch Tours presenters journey to schools or organization using 'touching Mummies' Loan Box and the full-size mummy reproduction.

Group dimensions

Optimum of 10 visitors plus assistants/guides

Dates and times

Afternoons at 2:00pm. Various other days and times, including vacations could be available.


Penn Museum (Kress Entrance). 3260 Southern Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Instructions towards the Kress Entrance

If taking a trip by vehicle use the very first driveway regarding left after crossing Convention Avenue. Arrival needs to be announced during the Kress Entrance buffer. For anyone taking a trip on foot there is a sidewalk regarding the west side of the driveway, next to the museum. Accessible parking is available upon demand.

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