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Giza Pyramids & Sphinx; Day trip

You will end up acquired from Dahab hostel's reception morning by our English-speaking driver, and will also be used in;
  • Giza Pyramids and Sphinx location
  • Sakkara (The Action Pyramid) location
  • Memphis Museum
  • Dahshour (The Purple Pyramid)

The motorist waits for you personally until such time you complete all web site seeing and brings you back to the hostel.

- Full excursion transportation with a private car and English-speaking driver

- Entrance costs to touristic sites.

- Tourist guides are recommended for an extra cost (English, French, Spanish and German languages available)

- This trip starts at the beginning of the morning, ends afternoon.
- occasions are versatile upon your demand,
but take note that every sights open at 8:00 AM and near at 4:00 PM)

The Giza Necropolis appears regarding Giza Plateau, in the borders of Cairo, Egypt. complex of ancient monuments includes the three pyramids known as the Great Pyramids, combined with the massive sculpture known as the Great Sphinx.
It is found 25 kilometer southwest of Cairo town center. Among the monuments, the Great Pyramid of Giza, could be the only continuing to be memorial regarding the Seven marvels of this Ancient World.

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