Egypt Scuba diving Holidays

Each of the Red Sea’s many hotels provides different things, indicating diving on your holiday to Egypt may be an alternative knowledge every time. The allure for this location is within the explosive tints and stunning marine life, stunning coral formations, reefs and sunken wrecks. Brand new diving websites tend to be scouted constantly, several being obtainable from several hotels by boat.

Egypt’s Red Sea scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities are split across three main hotels or areas:

  • Mainland hotels on north, including El Gouna and Hurghada
  • On Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab are a couple of associated with the nation’s best known diving web sites

Hurghada, El Gouna and Marsa Alam offer a proximity to ancient websites at Cairo and Luxor, which are more difficult to reach through the likes of Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab.

  • At present, you will find 17 significant wreck dives to explore at a negative balance water and a staggering 1, 200 various types of fish discovered there – nearly 20percent of marine life being native to the Red Sea alone.
  • Throughout every season, the water heat drops to 20C, and peaks at 30C

The Red Sea coast of mainland Egypt and Southern Sinai is flanked by virtually hundreds of diving internet sites (and an even greater range plunge shops). Diving operators in competitive areas eg Sharm El Sheikh occasionally offer free taster sessions within hotel's share and tailored scuba diving programs in order for kids as young as eight are able to take to scuba diving.

Marine Life

For both the water high quality as well as the absolute number of marine life there is to see on a plunge here, the Red water is unrivalled. Even on xmas Day you might find your self diving with dolphins, turtles, giant groupers, or cycling amidst a breath-taking shoal of butterfly fish.

Marine life in the Red water varies from area to region, with huge animals particularly dugong and dolphins probably to-be spotted in quieter areas. Turtles, stingrays, eels and octopi are far more common sights in several associated with hotels.

The Red water hosts numerous jeopardized species, the dugong (seen most commonly in Marsa Alam) and both Green and Hawksbill water turtles tend to be protected types sighted more regularly here than anywhere else in the world.


SCUBA is short for when it comes to equipment used by divers – short for: Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Much more technical than snorkeling, make sure you make sure that your travel insurance covers this task before you book and constantly book with a reputable business.

To find out what safety measures your organization have actually positioned or even the instructor’s skills, ask your booking contact or teacher.

Egypt’s federal government is more energetic than in the past in enforcing safety precautions for divers of all of the ages plus general scuba diving is certainly not recommended in the event that you answer yes to any associated with following concerns:

  • Do you realy suffer from epilepsy, heart problems or just about any other condition which cause reduced consciousness or fitting?

Many, or even all medical practioners, recommend postponing a scuba diving journey until after maternity as possible risk is considered excessive

  • Are you consuming or making use of medicines?

Scuba diving intoxicated by any substance that affects your judgement or motor purpose should really be averted.

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