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Scuba Diving in Egypt Sharm El Sheikh

Residence to a single of the world’s oldest civilizations, Egypt bears testament to some of mankind’s very first triumphs. The pyramids of Cairo are among Seven Wonders worldwide plus the nearby Museum of Egyptian Antiquities houses the renowned treasures of Tutankhamen. But Egypt is more than ancient monuments and pyramids. It’s a cruise along the Nile, an extra hotel and hot nightlife, it's an enormous invigorating wilderness and, especially for scuba scuba divers, it is the Red water. Only beyond the shore rest cool, azure oceans, stunning coves, millions of fish, fantastic visibility, sheltered reefs, towers, pinnacles, wall space, red coral gardens and wrecks. They all deliver a siren call to scuba divers and mark the Red Sea as a world-class scuba diving location. No matter how impressive the above-water attractions, the real jewel in the Egyptian crown has to be the simply staggering diving.

A vacation along the Red Sea, from Taba in the north associated with the Gulf of Aqaba, through Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh, to Hurghada and Safaga more south, inside south highlights the delights for divers.

Great Dives

  • Taba: Pharaoh’s (or Farun) Island – Situated in the northern achieves of the Gulf of Aqaba, this area is mentioned for fascinating endemic marine life – frogfish, which may be one of the oddest fish. When a Phoenician port, this little island lies a mere 250 metres/275 yards off shore and a restored palace overlooks the reasonably uncrowded diving web sites. Tiny pinnacles and walls falling to 25 metres/80 feet feature healthier red coral, schools of bream and batfish in addition to ubiquitous moray eels. It’s outstanding place for topside research and snorkeling too.
  • Dahab: The Blue Hole – Plunging to 130 metres/430 legs, that is the most famous plunge web sites on earth. While there’s plenty for divers to enjoy within recreational restrictions, properly qualified tec scuba divers maximize the website by traversing "the arch" at 56 metres/185 legs towards the reef wall surface external. This is certainly a well known spot with freedivers also.
  • Sharm el Sheikh: Straits of Tiran – Situated within lips associated with Gulf of Aqaba, the straits form an all-natural constriction and therefore the diving is spectacular. Scuba divers privileged to have seen the reefs right here (Jackson, Gordon and Woodhouse among many others) speak their particular names in respectful whispers. Washed by strong currents, these reefs tend to be favorite haunts for marauding jacks, barracuda and sharks that prowl the reef edges searching for their particular unwary, or hurt, smaller cousins. Enormous moray eels slip through the red coral minds and crevices, which teem with anthias and myriad various other reef dwellers.
  • Sharm el Sheikh: Ras Mohamed National Park – 1st Egyptian nationwide playground remains one of the better. Its about 20 kilometres/12 kilometers south of Sharm el Sheik at the south tip associated with Sinai Peninsula where in actuality the Gulf of Aqaba meets the Gulf of Suez. As a result of blending of those seas, the location hosts healthier red coral reefs and countless reef and pelagic fish species. This protected area are accessed by just about every day travel or liveaboard dive motorboat. At two of this featured dive internet sites, Shark and Yolanda reefs, currents tend to be significant making drift dives typical.
  • Hurghada: Giftun Island – This marine reserve with a modest entry fee features many dive websites described as high fall offs, fabulous red coral reefs and probability of encounters with barracuda, tuna plus bigger pelagic species. That's if you can tear your eyes away from the gorgonians and marine life that populate the caverns and ledges. The usually strong currents usually dictate drift dives. The protection coming with marine book condition truly takes care of here with abundant marine life and great diving.
  • Safaga: Seven Pillars – In Soma Bay, seven coral pillars nearly increase into surface from about 14 metres/45 legs of level. Numerous reef seafood, including Napoleon wrasse, puffer seafood and lionfish, call the area home. It’s also a well-known night scuba diving place.

Need to know more? Visit ScubaEarth® for further information on countless plunge websites, marine species, destination fundamentals plus.

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