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Liveaboards in Egypt are let me make it clear the simplest way to maximise your experience with the Red Sea’s marvelous underwater. Whenever living aboard the additional amount of time in water and enhanced access to the more remote plunge websites while traveling around in luxury cruise ships truly gives an advantage over land based trips.

The additional personal benefit of a liveaboard can be a well known aspect to trips similar to this, while the provided dining facilities and close-knit nature associated with cruise trip boats confirm you’ll have actually plenty to share with you with like minded individuals revealing your enthusiasm for Egyptian diving. Speaking about your pre-dive goals and post-dive findings over supper or night beverages can open your experience to a new amount as well as sharing the secluded secrets from below can improve your future dives.


With some of the world's most spectacular underwater scenery Red water liveaboard diving has something for divers of every standard of experience. Through the wide-eyed novices until the seasoned technical pros; the sheer scale of what exactly is available with an Egypt liveaboard quenches every person's thirst for scuba diving wherever you choose to drop anchor and explore in the Red Sea’s best diving place.

The liveaboard itineraries when you look at the Egyptian Red Sea can broadly be split up into three areas; Northern Wreck and Reefs, Southern Marine Parks and Deep South.

Northern Wreck and Reefs

The Northern Red Sea is needless to say the preferred region for Egyptian liveaboards, due to the fact mild scuba diving circumstances with the stunning visuals of the overturned ships littering the seabed provide a great introduction for newbies and enthusiasts alike. With huge variety of these fascinating wrecks, without any minimum dive limitations and great diversity in diving discovery, like the magnificent night dives. The Northern Wrecks & Reefs itineraries provide some good worth liveaboards, plus there are numerous flights through the British to the area for the Red Sea. The north area offers a larger variety with approx 40percent wreck into the standard schedule. Additionally faster distance between diving websites allowing a 'looser schedule' additionally the likelihood of more dives when you look at the week. The north is good for novice scuba divers, wreck fans and photographers.

Southern Marine Parks

The Southern Marine Parks of Egypt offer an even more difficult collection of scuba diving conditions for higher level scuba divers, and are also definitely not the beginner. These areas are remote and offer an intriguingly diverse selection of plunge internet sites in a whole lot more isolated waters – free of the communities of beginner scuba divers and day boats through the mainland. The southern marine parks tend to be composed of The Brothers, Daedalus reef, Zabargad and Rocky islands. Although not a marine park, Elphinstone is actually included with a marine park schedule. These sites tend to be underwater pinnacles definately not land, so these websites need longer ship journeys from land. In trade, scuba divers receive exemplary possibilities to plunge with different species of sharks (hammerheads, oceanic white ideas, reef sharks, silky sharks, and thresher sharks). There are additionally a few wrecks to explore on these reefs. The south however will take one to more remote and uncrowded websites, so that the distance between diving web sites is higher. When you look at the south there is a much higher chance of witnessing larger pelagic life including numerous sharks. This location is for the greater amount of experienced diver and we also advise that you have had some experience in deep water, with the current and possess done at the least 50 dives.

Deep South

The Deep Southern itineraries simply take scuba divers into many remote dive internet sites of the southern Egyptian Red Sea, including St. Johns and Fury Shoals. These remote websites are among the best for pelagics and it's also extremely unusual to perform into various other plunge ships indeed there. The Deep South itineraries tend to be suitable for less experienced scuba divers who want to experience the special reefs of Egypt's Southern Red Sea.

If you're in any way unsure of your suitability for an Egyptian Red water liveaboard itinerary please only give us a call for advice.

Do remember that no matter if a certain schedule is verified, travel at a negative balance water can involve some lengthy sea passages crossings. Attempting these are going to be during the discretion associated with the skipper that will consider the protection of passengers, team & vessel, plus your diving enjoyment.


Q: For a liveaboard in debt Sea just what should I bring with me?

For liveaboard, we advice that, in addition to your standard plunge system you have a dive computer system. We additionally recommend a surface marker bouy (SMB) particualrly on more remote web sites, a torch, your certification card / logbook.

Q: Where is best Liveaboard itinerary for newbies?

The diving conditions in the Red Sea can differ from level relaxed seas with exemplary exposure into the stronger currents discovered off shore. With an increase of difficult circumstances of Southern aquatic Parks and also the Deep Southern, its usually suggested that the novice and beginner divers take to the Sinai area while the Northern Wrecks and Reefs – once the low seas and mild circumstances tend to be perfect.

Q: What Wetsuit Do I Need To deliver?

As a result of the prolonged time in water of a liveaboard, we advice a 5mm shortie or 3mm long suit. With repetitive scuba diving and strong thermoclines, conditions can differ greatly.

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