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Egypt, residence associated with the Pharaohs, the pyramids in addition to great Nile Delta, sits at the top of Africa. It stocks edges with Libya into the western, Sudan to the south, Israel as well as the Gaza Strip toward eastern. The country has ended 386, 000 square miles and home to 80million individuals, rendering it one of

Africa’s most populous. Egypt has a Mediterranean shoreline to the north and on the east edges the

Red Sea that is a well known diving destination. A lot of the nation is desert, part of the vast Sahara that dominates North Africa. Because of this, the majority of the population resides within the coastal regions plus in the fertile

Egyptian Pyramids in GizaNile area.

With vast deserts, hills over 2500m and long coastlines,

Egypt encounters various sorts of climate from arid temperature to snowfall.

The months of Summer, July and August are usually the hottest and December to January is classed as winter season, though it's never ever cold in the sense we are acclimatized to in many of Europe. The country experiences low rain with any rain staying with the winter months.

Egyptian Pyramids

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Valley and Delta

Despite getting back together only 5.5per cent of

Egypt’s land size, this massive oasis hosts 99per cent associated with country’s populace. It provides the actual only real non-desert region associated with nation as well as the just land fertile enough to help agriculture. Cairo sits where the mighty Nile followers into its huge Delta where in fact the seas split up into countless rivulets to really make the last duration of their particular long-journey towards

Sharm el Sheikh camel from the beachMediterranean Sea.

Cairo’s climate is basically hot and dried out. There is reveal description of the town’s climate here and weather averages here. Typical temperatures start around 14°C in January to 28°C in July and August. October to might is the greatest time and energy to check out because it's coolest. During summertime it can get scorching – in to the high 30s and beyond. The coldest it gets is around 8°C or 9°C during the night time during the cold winter months. In winter months daytime highs tend to be moderate at around 20°C, a great deal more pleasant for sightseeing.

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