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Hurghada hotels All Inclusive

Hurghada is not the small fishing village it was previously, the city is continuing to grow rapidly building into four distinctive places; the old town (El Dahar) is within the northern part, around 3km south of this is Sakkala, in which across the Sheraton Road tend to be numerous resorts, shops and restaurants, more south is a place called El Kawser, which has a 1km lengthy promenade lined with hotels, taverns, cafes, restaurants and shops. Finally on north of Hurghada could be the seaside roadway known as the Golden Mile, called as a result of its glorious sandy shores there are a number of huge resort motels right here.

Navigating around Hurghada continues to be simple and cheap, with taxis abundant and supplying good value for cash, guarantee to agree on a complete cost before leaving.

The night is a popular time for shopping in Hurghada, in which the bazaars provide a wide range of souvenirs and regional items such as ornamental papyrus, fine cotton fiber towels and linen, spices, silver and copperware. Don't neglect to haggle.

You'll find so many local and intercontinental, up-scale and fast-food eateries through the entire resort areas. The promenade is an excellent location for a night walk, an area of shopping, eating out or taking pleasure in a late evening drink.

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