Sharm El Sheikh

What to See in Sharm El Sheikh?

You have to snorkel when you're in Sharm El Sheikh.

The Red Sea is one of the most readily useful areas on the planet for snorkelling and scuba-diving and you'll discover lots of opportunities to try both (even though you need to be pretty healthy to scuba).

I'm not a good or an enthusiastic swimmer, being frightened of being out-of my level in liquid and not becoming thinking about not in a position to attain the side, so although i needed to snorkel I was terrified!

I got a mask and snorkel and invested many years practising within the resort share until I became confident towards method it-all worked.

I quickly stepped away throughout the red coral in the jetty from our resort beach. Beautiful seafood can be seen from the jetty and also have fun with your toes while you go along. At the end of the jetty the reef finishes therefore the liquid is extremely deep and incredibly blue.beautiful, and scary!

With the aid of my daughter (she actually held my hand), i obtained to the liquid and snorkelled a litle way from jetty, and back again. I would done it!!

We after that joined up with a Thomson Red water Cruise excursion from our resort. An attractive time. Couple of hours cruising towards Tiran Island, seeing a shark (never panic) and dolphins on the road. Two snorkelling dips with a life-jacket and a tremendously supportive dive-master and then a great meal aboard our boat, "Moscow". Two hours of leisure later we had your final snorkel and then returned to Sharm. I cannot start to remember all of the different kinds of fish and red coral we saw however they included Nemo, stingrays, Napoleon seafood, parrot-fish, pufferfish.

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