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In April, Sharm El Sheikh enjoys conditions of between 26 and 32°C. At night, however, as soon as the wind gets more powerful, conditions can drop, so make sure you deliver hot garments for nights. The ocean heat is very pleasant, ideal for water-based activities and tasks. There is certainly minimal rain in April therefore the degree of sunlight is quite high.

The current weather prediction service in Sharm El Sheikh is dependant on a calculation which takes into account historical information from last 10 years, including forecasts predicated on specific criteria including air heat, moisture, water heat, wind speed and sunshine.

Ready your things now for the stay by firmly taking a review of the current weather forecasts for Sharm El Sheikh.

  • Heat
  • Inclement weather
  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming
  • Wind
  • Moisture

The weather is ranked on a scale from 0 to 100, with all the worst weather conditions varying between 0 and 19 together with most readily useful varying above 79.
The entire weather comfort list is:

  • Exemplary (Rating between 80percent and 100per cent)
  • Good (Rating between 60percent and 79%)
  • Typical (Rating between 40% and 59percent)
  • Bad (Rating between 20per cent and 39per cent)
  • Extremely bad (Rating between 0per cent and 19%)

Useful guidance for a stay in Sharm El Sheikh:

  • Wear light, summery garments
  • Bring a coat or a jumper the night
  • Bring a swimsuit and a great sunscreen

Egypt: Seven-day climate forecast

See the seven-day weather forecast for the major towns and cities in Egypt. Per location, Easyvoyage's climate tool provides you with heat and rainfall indicators, along with wind force and way and sunrise/sunset times. Prepare your holiday breaks making use of our weather forecasts or organise your tasks thanks to the weather comfort index for Egypt. Whether you're getting all set to go or currently on vacation, it really is never ever already been more straightforward to keep an eye on the weather than with Easyvoyage!

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