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Temperatures in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is on East Coast of the Egyptian Red water in the Sina Peninsular. In general when scheduling a package to Sharm El Sheikh the destination airport will be Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

Unless you have a handle your Tour Operator simply catch a nearby taxi to reach Sharm El Sheikh.

For Sharm El Sheikh you will require your passport and an entry visa. The entry visa is acquired simply by purchasing the relevant stamps within airport when you arrive.

It is really not a requirement become vaccinated before visiting Sharm El Sheikh. The sanitary standard is for yes distinctive from the European standard therefore the food and water could potentially cause small belly upsets.

The key money in Sharm El Sheikh may be the Egyptian lb. The Euro and US dollars are accepted way more than currencies from other countries..

Enough time zone because of this locality is GMT+2.

In winter time the temperatures are around 20 levels (maximum) daytime and 12 degrees through the night. In summer time the conditions start around around 37 degrees (maximum) in the day and 20 levels through the night.

In Sharm El Sheikh has positive weather all year round but from November until April at is advisable to bring with you some hotter clothes wind-cheaters and caps tend to be advisable as with this era it can be very windy.

The water heat at a negative balance Sea is never significantly less than 18 degrees. The average liquid temperature is 23 to 24 ˚C.

We recommend bringing a 5mm fit into the winter season and a 3mm during summer with this site in debt Sea.

The typical visibility is 25 yards.

The currents are characteristic of the sites however they are maybe not excessively powerful. The water currents try not to reduce steadily the beauty regarding the dive internet sites instead they assist to provide a rich undersea landscape.

No you can not. Making use of gloves to plunge in debt water is restricted by Egyptian Law to prevent approaches to the flora and fauna of these wonderful undersea surroundings..

No you cannot. Knives tend to be restricted for diving in the Red Sea by Egyptian Law.

Dive In is inside the Renaissance Golden Beach View Resort. To contact our center supervisors call: +20 (0)

On arrival in Sharm you really need to phone our base frontrunner on +20 (0) 12 393 4419 to ensure you have arried as prepared and agree the time for the first-day.

You will need to fill in the subscription kinds including medical declaration and responsibility release submit your diving permit and log book write to us your equipment requires the number of dives you want to do and provide a duplicate of verified booking in the event that you purchased the dives on-line.

a medical certification is only needed in situations with current diseases. If you are not sure it is wise to bring the certification to you..

Yes you'll! We accept permits from most recognized intercontinental diving schools like CMAS BSAC NAUI SSI VTLD.

Yes without a doubt you'll! You merely need to take part in a Scuba Evaluation to feel comfortable once more when you look at the water. For those who haven't already been scuba diving for longer than annually . 5 you may well be expected to undergo a Scuba Evaluation which is a theoretical course and understanding reviews which will permit you to return quicker toward open liquid.

The plunge plans for Sharm El Sheikh are including: tanks loads motorboat trip dive guide and shuttle solution to and through the resort (Sharm El Sheikh area).

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