Sharm TAXI

Sharm El Sheikh taxi prices

Will tell you the government- claimed taxi costs around Sharm (you must haggle hard as they really try it on!)

Examine hyperlink above for just about any revisions; agree your price prior to getting in & ensure it is the sum total price, maybe not per person. Agree your money too. In the event of any problems, carry the traveler police quantity in your cellular (0020 693 660 311), take the taxi driver’s number (side of taxi) & report him. The mere threat of performing this can perhaps work miracles.

Minibus (fixed paths)
From-Old Market, To- Naama Bay, Cost= LE 1
From-Old Market, To-Airport, Cost= LE 2
From-Old Market, To- Nabq, Cost= LE 3

Taxi (white Bonnet)

From-Naama Bay, To- Old Marketplace, Price=LE 15
From-Naama Bay, To- Hadaba, Cost= LE 15
From-Naama Bay, To- Airport, Cost= LE 20
From-Old Marketplace, To- Hadaba, Cost= LE 15
From-Old Marketplace, To- Airport, Price= LE 35
From-Old Marketplace, To- Nabq, Cost= LE 40
The Old Peugeot Never Run any Longer.
To work through the buying price of the entire trip which is not detailed just add the 2 or 3 legs collectively. I.E. from Hadaba towards airport in a taxi it could be LE 15 for Hadaba to Naama Bay plus LE 20 for Naama Bay towards the airport making an entire fare of LE 35.
Unfortuitously you'll never get these costs from taxis inside the airport, they typically desire at the least 4 times the proper price. To get these costs go the 100 yards from terminal building up on primary roadway and acquire one after that, these will however test it on but could be beaten right down to just the right price pretty quickly.

If you don't wish deal with the effort after a lengthy journey after that pose a question to your resort to get you. It'll be a little more costly but less trouble.

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