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Sharm El Sheikh population

The environment is very dried out. Rain is extremely unusual. The weather is quite hot during the summer times and mildly hot at summertime nights. In cold weather, it is warm at days and contains one of many warmest night temperatures in Egypt. Preferred time for you to visit Sharm El-Sheikh tend to be late summer time and start of the fall. Including in september air heat is about 34 °C and water - 29 °C.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
22 °C (72 °F) 21 °C (70 °F) 23 °C (73 °F) 24 °C (75 °F) 26 °C (79 °F) 27 °C (81 °F) 28 °C (82 °F) 25 °C (77 °F)


The Na'ama Bay the main town could be the center of nightlife and dining: nearly all of Sharm's groups, cafes, restaurants and stores are right here. Na'ama Bay lies midway between Sharm Airport and Old City, nearly ten full minutes driving from both. Microbuses may take you against downtown, but to reach Na’ama Bay from Airport, you're going to have to take a cab.

Sharm el Sheikh is continuing to grow into three distinct areas now, Nabq is an innovative new area on North of Na'ama, Old Market and Hadaba to the South of Na'amaa Bay.

By plane[edit]

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport (IATA: SSH) could be the biggest in Sinai and gets planeloads of charter tourists daily within the wintertime high period. The only real flight for local routes is EgyptAir [1]. Your vacation representative might have trouble reserving flights together however they can also be booked on some of the on the web reservation motors. There are 2 Terminals which can be close to one another. Terminal 1 could be the new one with Egypt Air and Easy Jet. You will require a visa only if you intend going from the Sharm location (like Ras Mohammed bus or ship, Cairo, St Cathrines)and are available on arrival (cost appears to vary day-to-day, make certain you have actually 15 £, $, or euro convenient.

For departures: timetable shows just nearest 1-2 hours, allows you to view across row of check-in desks for the journey quantity.

Airport cafes[edit]

Cafes after security check tend to be: Sbarro (overcrowded), Cafe Europa (on straight back of lounge, less crowded): snacks, coffee, Egyptian candies; socket of Caffè Ritazza worldwide chain not far off (also in Athens, Budapest, Madrid, Milan, London, Paris, ny, Stockholm, Zurich, Vienna).

Stores within the airport[edit]

After safety check: Patisserie offers lucums, khalva as well as other Egyptian candies.

By boat[edit]

Ferry services between Hurghada regarding the mainland Red Sea Coast and Sharm had been suspended from 2012 due to decreased tourists.

By car / By bus[edit]

Sharm el-Sheikh could be reached by driving down the east shore from Eilat (Israel) via Nuweiba and Dahab, or through the western coast from Cairo. There are daily buses both for roads. From Cairo, East Delta buses take roughly 8 hours (80 LE) while Superjet buses just take 6 hrs. Whenever taking the bus from Cairo, keep your bus admission and passport helpful, as you will move across a number of checkpoints, which require passengers to present recognition and violation. The drive is interesting with breathtaking surroundings, through the entire route.

The Sharm el-Sheikh bus station is removed, by about a kilometer, from serenity road. Should you show up throughout the night hours your only choice may be to just take a taxi, as micro-bus service is spotty. Since Sharm is a tourist-driven economic climate, you need to be willing to do some bargaining. If you should be associated with the climbing kind, the primary road is, roughly, twenty minutes from main road. Only ask you to point you in direction of Peace roadway. Once at Peace road you ought to have no issue hailing straight down a micro-bus.

When going to the bus section via micro-bus, it ought to be mentioned that, since February 2009, there have been no direct paths, which go down comfort road, to your bus station. Being achieve the place, you must indicate you are visiting the coach station, and would like to be left-off on gas station. This could just take some work, given the minimal English abilities of drivers. When on gasoline section, you need to see micro-buses, that will simply take you in the final knee. Keep in mind, transfers aren't issued, you need to spend another fee the last leg.

About micro-bus charges in case the trip is at a kilometer or two, the fee should be about (LE three to five LE). When your end is additional out, or if you are taking a trip during evening hours, expect you'll get a need for more money, in many cases drivers may need as much as (LE 10 or LE 20). Needs for greater costs can also take place, if motorist feels he you have got cash! So, anticipate to negotiate. If motorists charge is unreasonable merely move out, this can usually bring down the fee. One final note on fees, whenever showing up, ask a local simply how much the bus costs before hailing one down. The information offered will provide you with a base-line price, where you are able to deal with.

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