Egypt sightseeing tours

Egypt sightseeing Tours

Cairo is just one of the earth's great megacities. As wonderful as it is crazy, and as high in historical finery since it is half dilapidated, Cairo is commonly a city that tourists love and hate in equal steps. Its absolute sound, pollution, and confounding traffic tend to be an assault on your own sensory faculties, but look beyond the modern hubbub, and you will get a hold of a brief history that spans centuries. Filled with vigor, Cairo is where you actually get a feel for Egyptian road life. No day at Egypt is full without a stay in town Arabs call Umm al-Dunya (the caretaker of the World).

1 Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are Cairo's number one half-day journey and a must-do destination on every person's itinerary. Right on the side of the town, these 4th dynasty funerary temples have been wowing tourists for years and years and continue to be one of many nation's significant shows. Inspite of the temperature, the dirt, in addition to visitor hustle, you cannot miss a-trip here.

The Pyramid of Cheops (also referred to as the truly amazing Pyramid or Pyramid of Khufu) could be the biggest pyramid associated with Giza group, and its inside of thin passages may be explored, though there is not much to see, except an ordinary tomb chamber with a clear sarcophagus. Directly behind the Great Pyramid may be the Solar Boat Museum, which displays the ceremonial solar power barques unearthed in your community that's been painstakingly restored to its original glory. More south regarding the plateau is the Pyramid of Chephren (also called the Pyramid of Khefre), with an interior tunnel location that may be entered, and smaller Pyramid of Mycerinus (Pyramid of Menkaure). Guarding these mortuary temples may be the lion-bodied and pharaoh-faced Sphinx; one of the ancient earth's iconic monuments.

The pyramid plateau is regarding the edge of Giza's residential district sprawl, approximately 13 kilometers southwest regarding the central town.

Address: Al-Ahram Street, Giza

2 The Egyptian Museum

Mummified Monkey at Egyptian Museum

The definitely staggering number of antiquities shown in Cairo's Egyptian Museum makes it the earth's great museums. You'll need forever to see every thing on show. The museum ended up being established in 1857 by French Egyptologist August Mariette and relocated to its existing residence - in the distinctive powder-pink mansion in Downtown Cairo - in 1897. Yes, the collection is poorly labeled rather than well-set down because limitations of space (and only a fraction of its complete holdings are now actually on display), however you nonetheless can not assist being impressed by the absolute majesty of exhibits.

If you are pressed for time, make a beeline straight the Tutankhamun Galleries. The treasures displayed here had been all found in the tomb of Tutankhamun; son-in-law and successor of Amenophis IV (later Akhenaten), whom passed away at the chronilogical age of 18. The tomb, found by Howard Carter into the Valley of the Kings in 1922, contained the greatest and wealthiest assemblage of grave products previously found intact in an Egyptian tomb. Features include Tutankhamun's demise mask and sarcophagi (place 3), the pharaoh's lion throne (Room 35) and his fascinating closet collection (area 9). A short while later, never miss a wander through Egyptian jewelry collection (place 4), which contains more bling than you are going to ever before see again in a single life time, and finish off by viewing the Royal Mummies range (Room 56 & 46) where you can state hello to Hatshepsut, Tuthmosis II, Ramses II, and Seti I face-to-face.

The Egyptian Museum sits right beside Midan Tahrir, the main square of Downtown Cairo. The easiest way to arrive the following is to use the Cairo Metro to Sadat place (on Midan Tahrir) and proceed with the exit indications on museum.

Place: Midan al-Tahrir, Downtown

3 Al-Azhar Mosque

Al-Azhar Mosque may be the best building of Cairo's Fatimid age, plus one of this city's very first surviving mosques, finished in advertising 972. Additionally it is among earth's oldest universities; Caliph El-Aziz bestowed it using the condition of university in advertisement 988 (another institution vying for "oldest" condition is within Fes) now, Al-Azhar University is still the leading theological center of Islamic world.

The key entrance is the Gate of this Barbers regarding the northwest region of the building, adjoining the neo-Arab facade built by Abbas II. Keep your footwear on entrance and walk into the central courtyard. To your right is the El-Taibarsiya Medrese, with a mihrab (prayer niche) dating from 1309. Through the main courtyard, you can get a views regarding the mosque's five minarets, which cap the building. Over the courtyard is the main prayer hall, spanning a huge 3, 000 square yards. Leading 1 / 2 is part associated with the initial building, even though the rear one half was included by Abd el-Rahman.

Al-Azhar Mosque is right in the center associated with the Islamic Cairo district and easy to reach by taxi. Al-Azhar Street operates east from Midan Ataba within the downtown location right to the square where in actuality the mosque rests.

Address: Al-Azhar Street, Islamic Cairo District

El-Azhar Mosque Map

4 Old Cairo (Coptic Cairo)

This tiny church-filled group of twisty laneways lies within the walls of Old Babylon in which the Roman Emperor Trajan first built a fortress over the Nile. Parts of the Roman towers still preside across main road.

The Coptic Museum right here includes a wealth of information about Egypt's early Christian duration and is home to one of Egypt's finest selections of Coptic art. Nearby, the 9th-century Hanging Church includes some stunning samples of Coptic architecture. Established within the 4th century, the church had been originally built within the Roman gate towers (for this reason the name) and ended up being considerably rebuilt during the 9th century.

For many Christian tourists though, the real highlight of a call to the area may be the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus in which regional legend says the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, and household sheltered during King Herod's massacre of male infants. More to the quarter, you visited the Ben Ezra Synagogue, which can be reported to be built near the place in which the infant Moses had been found in the reeds. Simply outside the quarter, you may also look at the Mosque of Amr Ibn al-As; the first mosque built in Egypt.

El-Azhar Mosque - Floor plan map Old Cairo - Floor program map Khan el-Khalili (Souq Quarter) Cairo Bazaar Quarter - Floor program map

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