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Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai Vietnam - blog sitewe all have been crazy about the crazy prices of foreign exchange, and just how the dollar keep increasing over-time, nevertheless don’t have to worry because at some of the world’s many amazing destinations, the Egyptian pound comes stronger than their own currency.

We've plumped for an array of 5 which will absolutely lure one to travel.

Con Dao Island by Binh Huynh

Exchange Rates: EGP 1 = VND 2.5 (Vietnamese Dong)

beginning EGP 3900

Visa: Visa upon arrival, very first you use online on then chances are you get an approval letter within 1-2 trading days, you print a duplicate from it, and spend USD$ 25 to have a single entry visa stamped at airport, USD$ 50 for a multiple entry visa for less than 3 months, and USD$ 90 for a multiple entry visa for half a year.

Hang En Cave by Hugh Derr

Day-to-day expenditures: your daily budget would be something around EGP 180 for street meals, regional transports, and budget accommodation. Remember that you can easily remain at 3-4 star motels at very reasonable rates.

My Duc Vietnam - blogHighlights

  • Ha extended Bay cruise, and kayaking
  • Exploring and camping at world’s biggest cave of Hang Son Doong Cave found last year, which is very costly to-do, however there are numerous other caverns particularly -but not restricted to- Hang En where you are able to hike, and camp as well.
  • Cu Chi tunnels for which you get to experience in realtime exactly how life had been like inside tunnels – a sizable community of tunnels that have been employed by Vietnamese combats to full cover up, and keep their materials of food, and weapons, additionally they served as interaction tunnels with hospitals, and offer channels.
Rice areas in Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai
  • Cao Dai Cathedral in which a not too familiar faith is practiced.
  • Hiking and home-staying at Sapa Valley or near to it -the more you may be, the less touristic your experience is.
  • Using a Dragon Boat on Perfume River in which tiny villages, and floating areas are.
  • Bac Ha Town Market
Philippines - blog siteMy Duc
  • Cycling your path from Thien Mu to Khai Dinh tomb in Hue.
  • Hanoi town where you could have the ultimate Vietnamese knowledge, while at Ho Minh City you may get both hands in the most useful local food.
  • Exploring the country on a Minsk bicycle that could be hired, or you can join any motorcycling club
  • The shores, and countries.

Exchange Rates: EGP 1 = PHP 5.2 Philippine Peso

Routes to Manila: beginning EGP 3620

Kawasan Falls by Storm Crypt

Visa: prices USD$ 40, the embassy is situated at Villa 28 path 200 Degla, in Maadi, plus the demands are basic, you can check them out right here:

Constant Expenses: your everyday spending plan would be one thing around EGP 400 for road food, local transports, and budget accommodation.


  • Palawan Islands that may need a number of days of discovery, specifically El-Nido – Maldives like, a little piece of haven

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Is living in Alexandria Egypt cheap? - Quora

Well, this depends on what does "cheap" means to you, But anyway I can give you some metrics for the basic stuff as a resident of Alexandria.

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