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Naama Bay Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

Naama could be the beating heart of Sharm el Sheikh, and from it's hot waters you can find this historical town for yourself - it is great wildlife during the Ras Mohammed Park, it's marine life on a cruise in a glass-bottomed watercraft, it really is Diving Museum and a Fun Land Theme Park for the young ones. One specialized niche for theologians and hikers alike is the popular Mount Sinai, famed for this's biblical history and house to St Catherine's, society's earliest church, housing esoteric spiritual texts unseen anywhere outside Rome.


Saint Catherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai are very popular destinations with huge spiritual and cultural importance, simply a three-hour drive from Na'ama Bay. Mount Sinai is said to be where Moses obtained the Ten Commandments. The mountain normally residence to the 6th century Greek Orthodox Monastery of St Catherine. Climbing the hill is the primary goal for most visitors, although monastery's treasures are well well worth taking some time to appreciate.

There is an excellent marketplace within the Old Town at Sharm el Sheikh selling every thing beneath the sun; don't be afraid to barter! There are more celebrations in Sharm than many places, but April and may even make the reward for their camel rushing festivals. The area food is excellent too; you will find an amazing variety of shish kebabs and seafood obviously, with Egyptian vegetable stews and salads for vegetarians.


Sharm El Sheikh is very much indeed a family-orientated resort, and Na'ama Bay is no exemption. Many Na'ama Bay resort hotels have actually swimming pools, playgrounds, playing tennis courts, a lot of sports facilities, health clubs, diving centres, fantastic entertainment programmes and kids' groups, so even although you don't want to go out of your resort there'll be plenty to keep everyone entertained. Horse riding, camel riding and wilderness safaris may preferred alternatives for family members day trips.


Na'ama Bay, indeed the Sinai Peninsula all together, is an utopia for scuba divers and marine life lovers. The seas around Sharm El Sheikh and Na'ama Bay are unmistakeable and peaceful for some of the year. Red coral reefs and marine life supply a great experience for scuba divers. Various other great water-based activities include windsurfing, parasailing, boating and ocean kayaking.

Ras Mohammed aquatic nationwide Park, on tip of Sinai, southwest of Na'ama Bay, is known as among the best locations to plunge in the world. Another superb scuba diving area, the Strait of Tiran is only various kilometres north of Na'ama Bay. Its primary tourist attractions are four spectacular red coral reefs, which are ideal for snorkelling and diving. Inland attractions around Na'ama Bay consist of swish casinos, great tennis classes and indulgent spas.

Na'ama Bay's striking Bedouin handicraft really stands will please consumers. The key Na'ama Bay shopping appeals are jewellery and semi-precious rocks, followed closely by the goods available in the Old marketplace, including spices, perfumes, leather-based shoes and bags, and Bedouin embroidery. Cotton home bedding and beach towels tend to be bargain purchases.


On Na'ama Bay holiday breaks, the town of Sharm is effortlessly at your demand, and it seriously features a lot of nightlife! You will find discos, clubs, as well as casinos frequented by the great together with great. You don't have even to visit - the whole world famous Pascha club, Na'ama Bay's biggest, is right on the bay it self. Should you fancy an alteration of surroundings, visit nearby Sharks Bay and/or Ras Um Sid.

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