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Ritz Carlton Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh

Formerly known as the Ritz-Carlton Sharm El Sheikh, this elegant resort now goes on the name Monte Carlo Sharm El Sheikh Resort and it is situated in Egypt directly on the Red Sea. The coast environment provides dazzling views for visitors as well as the hotel offers a range of luxurious amenities.

Personalised solution and amenities tend to be featured throughout each guest area – yard, sea and pool views can be obtained. Roomy rooms supply amenities such as Wi-Fi and Web, multilingual tv, overnight laundry service and 24-hour space solution.

The Monte Carlo Sharm El Sheikh Resort provides selection of recreational options and amenities including playing tennis process of law, spa, seven pools and landscaped landscapes.

Day-to-day buffet choices are served at Le Café. The distance into Red water provides numerous tourist attractions, including scuba diving destinations, gambling enterprises, restaurants and golf courses.

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