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Last minute Holidays in Egypt

Walking up the biblical Mt Sinai at sunset; taking a tour around the globe famous Pyramids of Giza; happening a moonlit stroll through one of the many eternally impressive temple complexes around the country, such Abu Simbel, Luxor or Karnak - Egypt offers several of the most interesting and well-preserved ancient historical websites in the field. Feel the record beneath your feet, explore the damages of an extended missing civilisation and also at the end of a single day, go back to your deluxe resort to sip a cocktail or read a book at a beachside bar. Sound enticing? This will probably all be booked through our carefully plumped for discounts. But it’s only a few concerning the past…

Enjoy Egypt’s stunning scenery

From an elegant boat journey along the glittering, winding River Nile (the world’s 2nd longest lake, supplying human being settlements for many thousands of years) to a calming sunbathe using one associated with country's stunning Mediterranean or Red Sea beaches, Egypt is a tourist's utopia. Friendly locals and an inviting atmosphere guarantee a relaxing time for many who need soak up sunlight and chill; but with an array of water sports, scuba diving activities and wilderness trips (such as for instance an adrenaline fuelled quad cycle ride across desert dunes) readily available, there’s additionally some thing for the active holidaymaker of any persuasion.

Enrich yourself in Cairo!

With a thorough collection of globally renowned antiquities museums and memorial trips within easy reach, Egypt’s capital, Cairo, is a superb option for anybody contemplating picking right on up a true flavor of a historical yet socially modern-day culture. Whether you check out the bustling Khan Al-Khalili marketplace in an architecturally impressive old building, attend Egyptian cookery courses (warning: anticipate spruce!) or enjoy the awe-inspiring spectacle of this pyramids and also the Great Sphinx, any holidaymaker going to Egypt on a single of your great eleventh hour discounts leaves Cairo feeling cultured and content.

And, don’t forget - with your range of especially selected discounts, your perfect, customised holiday knowledge won’t break the bank either. So what are you waiting for? Come and determine all the extraordinary, sun-kissed bounty the land of Egypt provides you, today!

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