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National Holidays in Egypt

We actually have community breaks for 2016 and 2017 listed. Scroll down to see.

The Arab Republic of Egypt, with a populace of over 89 million gets the biggest population of countries into the Arab continent. Modern Egypt has been thought to be a significant cultural and spiritual center in North Africa, the Middle East and also the Muslim world.

Approximately near 98 per cent of Egyptians practice the Muslim belief. It is of no real surprise, therefore, that numerous public holidays in Egypt are derived from religious and social values.

According to Egyptian rules, 21 formal breaks are recognized. Besides public holidays, regions and territories honor religious and social observances. Many vacations are discretionary, considering terms set forth in a work contract or contract. Almost all of Egypt’s nationwide holiday breaks had been established in honor regarding the nation’s long struggle for freedom and spiritual equality. A number of religious vacations happen during a period of several days, including the very first 3 days of Ramadan and very first five days of the Qurban Bairam getaway.

In line with the Egyptian Labour Code, employees are entitled to at the very least 13 compensated vacations annually. If a member of staff is needed to work with a national getaway, compensation in the number of double the normal income is compensated.

Wages, Overtime and Annual Leave

All workers in Egypt must enter into a work contract which establishes the terms and conditions of employment. Newly initiated Egyptian labour laws regulate the maximum number of hours which can be worked during weekly. Workers cannot work a lot more than eight hours each day or 48 hours each week without being compensated overtime settlement. What the law states additionally mandates that most employees have entitlement to annual wage increases amounting to at the very least seven per cent. This is certainly much like cost-of-living increases in several countries.

Egyptian employees are entitled to 21 paid vacation days annually. After an employee has actually offered a time period of 10 years, the vacation entitlement is risen up to thirty days each year. Official public holiday breaks aren't contained in annual leave entitlement. The labour laws declare that staff members working in dangerous professions are entitled to an extra 7 days of compensated holiday time. All accrued and unused getaway time will be paid to a worker upon cancellation of employment.

Public Holidays 2016

7 Jan Thu Eastern / Coptic Christmas Time 25 Jan Mon 25th of January Revolution - Police Day 25 Apr Mon Sinai Liberation Day 1 May Sunlight 1 May Sunlight Work Day 2 May Mon Sham El Nessim 6 Jul Wed Eid El Fitr * 7 Jul Thu Eid El Fitr * 23 Jul Sat 11 Sep Sunlight Wakfet Arafat 12 Sep Mon Eid El Adha 13 Sep Tue Eid El Adha Holiday 2 Oct Sun Islamic New Year * 6 Oct Thu 11 Dec Sun Prophet Mohamed's Birthday *
Day Time Holiday

* subject to changes

Public Vacations 2017

7 Jan Sat Eastern / Coptic Christmas 25 Jan Wed 25th of January Revolution - Police Day 16 Apr Sunlight 17 Apr Mon Sham El Nessim 25 Apr Tue Sinai Liberation Day 1 May Mon Labor Day 25 Jun Sun Eid El Fitr * 26 Jun Mon Eid El Fitr * 23 Jul Sunlight 31 Aug Thu Wakfet Arafat 1 Sep Fri Eid El Adha * 2 Sep Sat Eid El Adha * 21 Sep Thu Islamic New Year 6 Oct Fri 30 Nov Thu Prophet Mohamed's Birthday *
Date Getaway

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