November temperature outlook

Weather for Egypt in November

The normal daytime temperature in Marsa Alam is 27°C, while through the night the mercury drops to the average low of 18°C. Both are great temperatures to enjoy the shores and take part in outside activities. The high and reasonable conditions each reduce by about 3 levels throughout the thirty days. The overall average temperature in November is 23°C, which will be absolutely comfortable. The sea heat is much higher than air temperature this time of the year and averages a bath-like 27°C. The same water temperature is taped in Summer too.

Beautiful promenade with palm woods in Marsa Alam

There is certainly hardly any precipitation through the entire year and November obeys that rule. The amount of rain is 3mm, which can be incredibly reasonable. There aren’t any days with rain to speak of. Cloud address is actually continual during whole thirty days and ranges around 40%, therefore the heavens in November are partly cloudy. They've been never overcast, however, and there’s constantly a great amount of sunshine to take pleasure from. There was on average 10 hours of sunlight daily in Marsa Alam at this time of the year. December has actually 9 sunshine hours daily, which is the yearly minimal. A typical January time additionally obtains 10 hours of sunlight.

The length of the occasions slowly decreases in the course of November. November 1 may be the longest day's the thirty days with 11.10 hours of daylight; November 30 is the shortest with 10.39 hours of sunlight.

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