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Beaches in Egypt

Take note: while we remember to hold these prices as precise and up-to-date as you possibly can, they've been susceptible to transform as well as in infrequent cases the particular cost may vary somewhat from what is published here.

Cairo, Egypt

Adult Pupil
Pyramids & Sphinx Advanced EGP 80 EGP 40
Entrance inside Pyramid EGP 20
Egyptian Museum EGP 85 EGP 45
Mummies Place in Egyptian Museum EGP 100 EGP 65

Aswan, Egypt

Abu Simbel EGP 115 EGP 70

Luxor, Egypt

Karnak Temple
Luxor Temple EGP 60 EGP 30
Valley regarding the Kings EGP 104 EGP 54
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut EGP 52 EGP 27
Kom Ombo Temple
Edfu Temple

Switching Money

Cash points/ATMs are widely available and generally are the best and easiest method to get into cash.

Most major charge cards tend to be accepted for the area. We recommend you bring yours along in case you see something special, that you simply hadn't budgeted for.

Please note bank cards may not be familiar with pay money for Optional Activities.

A good idea is you inform your bank or credit card issuing company of the intention to travel for protection factors, banks and credit card companies occasionally prevent cards whenever distributions are unexpectedly made offshore.

Brit weight, Euros and United States bucks can be exchanged in Egypt consequently they are a substitute for using ATMs. United States dollars money can also be used for many purchases.NOTE: You may not have the ability to trade other currencies.

ESSENTIAL NOTE: There are 2 USD prices of exchange in Egypt, the bank rate and also the street rate, that rates may be somewhat different. Since 24 Oct 2016, for example, the bank rate is 1 USD = 8.88 EGP, whereas the street rate is 1 USD = 15.5 EGP. Banks will buy your USD (if you would like EGP), however they will rarely have the ability to provide you with USD in return for another currency. As a result, the functioning change may be the road price, which can be clearly far less favorable if you would like buy USD. For that reason, we suggest that you bring USD to you to pay for Topdeck optionals, which are determined in USD. If you pay money for optionals in EGP, your Trip Leader must determine the cost making use of the street price, which will be far more high priced for your needs.

Upon arrival at Cairo airport it is advisable to cash up about EGP 200. This may protect any spending in your Cairo sightseeing time and give you mobility unless you should transform more money where you are able to get a far better change rate.

On the trip you're going to be given the chance to transform cash at either a lender or hotel.

Remember the end of journey that altering Egyptian pounds back into dollars or other significant currencies are complicated therefore the trade rate will certainly be unfavourable. So keep an eye on the amounts you take out so you're not left with a huge excess at the end of your trip.


Predicated on past knowledge, we recommend at the very least EGP 400 - 500 (approx USD 55 - 70) a day to cover your normal expenses including sightseeing, small souvenir shopping and non-included meals. Should you want to buy pricey souvenirs, it is important to plan for more, or use your credit cards for those expenditures.

Remember, this is certainly a rough figure only and spending habits vary considerably between people relating to their spending plan and practices!


Although you may not be accustomed to tipping at home, tipping (known locally as 'baksheesh') is a vital way of living in Egypt and it is something that is completed by locals and tourists.

When going with Topdeck, recommendations are actually included on anything that forms part of your itinerary, including bus/coach motorists, included dishes, resort staff, neighborhood guides, etc. This consists of your Topdeck Trip Chief. This means there is no need to tip for of the included solutions!

But it is important to tip for services that aren't included, therefore please take this under consideration when working out your allowance. Like, you will need to tip at non-included dishes when you purchase the dinner yourself, even when your Trip chief has actually helped organise it, and you'll want to point for what you do on your free time. Your Trip chief can advise you exactly what a suitable tip amount is. A broad rule whenever tipping is if the service warrants it, tip that which you believe is a reasonable quantity, of course that you do not think-so, then don't tip or point less than normal. In addition, aren't getting bullied into tipping and disregard any reviews that you haven't given adequate.

Topdeck Top Idea: it is a very good clear idea to full cover up away someplace handful of cash and/or extra card; this can really come in handy inside unlikely event that you lose your wallet or any other particular crisis.

Insurance Coverage

Its compulsory for all people to obtain comprehensive travel insurance before the journey departs addressing cancellation, medical expenses including repatriation, loss or damage to baggage and private things, cash and personal obligation.

You have to bring a duplicate of your travel cover policy to you on travel. Your Trip chief can certainly make accurate documentation of the travel cover details at the start of your travel, e.g. the name regarding the insurance provider, the 24/7 disaster phone number, along with your plan quantity. These are provided for our operations team to ensure that if you drop your plan details, they could be easily recovered.

Passports & Visa

Kindly ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after the final day of your trip. Some nations will decline entry if you have not at least 6 months legitimacy on your passport after your deviation time from their nation.

Depending on your nationality, you might require a visa to enter Egypt. Some nationals can obtain a visa on arrival at Cairo airport. They're offered by all financial institutions in the airport, which are ready to accept fulfill all flights. The price of a visa on arrival is currently US$25 for just one entry visa.

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