Top 7 Things to do in El Gouna

Things to do in El Gouna

Gene Bates and Fred partners designed this course with every standard of player in mind, from the novice on advanced level player playing the tournament circuit. This course boasts three men’s and females’ tees each, very carefully put bunkers, lagoons, and wilderness rough. The aqua driving range accommodates around 30 people

On greens, golfers look for navigating the program’s problems and varied wind currents difficult to their capability. The Par five fourth gap heads directly into prevailing wind and needs at the least two well-placed lumber shots to shut in on the green. Because people must aim to the wind, people who draw a fade risk delivering their balls to the desert, making it a uniquely challenging opening.

The ninth opening plays towards La Rotisserie Restaurant into the Club home tower. It’s a somewhat easy drive for beginners, but presents a serious challenge for those hitting from the championship tees. After surviving the first drive, players are faced with an additional shot into the narrowest part of the fairway.

Secure lengthy motorists often attempt to carry the sand trap guarding leading for the green, but even the most readily useful may fall short. The green itself is a large target, players frequently have which will make long putts. Only a careful study of this landscapes will save you through the dreaded three-putt.
The rear nine have actually their own surprises. The longest Par four is the fourteenth hole, where almost 440 yards divide the championship tee through the flag. For a fair shot on green, the player needs to be courageous adequate to carry a bunker regarding left region of the fairway that ends 230 meters from tee.

The next opening, a dogleg right, presents just one more interesting problem. With a lagoon regarding the right and a big bunker in the center of the fairway, the golfer can try to carry the lagoon, leaving only 130 yards to your green.

Another signature opening is the 17th, a lengthy, slim and mild dogleg right running over the lagoon splitting the trunk nine from Steigenberger Golf Resort. Precision in the drive is essential in order to avoid the sand and liquid traps off to the right, plus the fairway bunker regarding remaining. A golfer’s aspirations are rarely adequate to carry the lagoon and the massive bunkers.

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