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We travel, many of us permanently, to look for various other says, various other everyday lives, various other souls. (Anais Nin)

My time in Dahab wraps up, when I in the morning flying residence the 20th of January.. It´s already been practically half a year that I´ve existed here. Some things that i am aware now, could have been very helpful to me personally from first. I´ve built some suggestions, that can help you to get started here in Dahab.


With regards to the country youcome from you might find Dahab quite inexpensive generally. In the event that you remain a longer time here however, you can´t consume down every day (unless there is the cash). Anyway, should you want to secure some funds you will get your self a tasty portion of Koshery for 5 pound, 7 pound or 10 pound. Therefore quite cheap, and you also lots of carbohydrates. Certainly really worth an attempt (or two)!


I´ve had it several times that i really couldn´t get hardly any money out of the ATM´s right here because they had been vacant or just perhaps not functioning. As much as I know, most of them get filled up Mondays, therefore it´s clever to draw the amount of money early in the week once you know you are going to need it. . Also, the greatest amount you may get is 3000 Pound, if you want more, Im quite certain that you may get this amount two times (at least it caused my card).

ATM´s (the people I know of)

  • Asalah square / German bakery (Asalah)
  • Coral Coast Hotel (Lighthouse)
  • Close to Ali Baba (Masbat Bay)
  • Big Gazhala Marketplace / Police Station (Mashraba)
  • Nesima Resort (in Mashraba, close to YumYum Falafel)
  • One amongst the Nesima Resort and also the Residence Hotel in the south (Mashraba)
  • Christina Beach / Residence Hotel (Mashraba)
  • A bit further the road down you will get a hold of two finance companies the CIB in addition to National Bank of Egypt. Each of them provide a counter and an ATM, when you really don´t get any money come here.


Most likely most of you understand but some may not, that it's almost essential to bargain. There are several shops with fixed costs but usually you give your bet, owner replies (or vice versa) and so on unless you settle. Some might even feel offended, if you don´t try it out. And often it could be real fun!


There´s a load of taxi motorists in Dahab. Sometimes they might make an effort to charge you more than typical and it´s good to keep in mind that an ordinary means within is Dahab is five pound for starters (or two). If there are many more than a couple in a vehicle, the driver might ask for two pound each. Demonstrably should you want to be used an additional length (e.g. from Lighthouse to Hilton resort or to the Blue Hole etc) you need to pay more.


In the event that you dive with a certain divecenter you might get discount within restaurants nearby. It´s constantly really worth aksing. The same with people remaining for a longer time in Dahab, you might get discounts at different places to eat. Especially when it´s reduced period in addition to aren´t plenty of tourists around anyway.


For anybody devoid of traveled that much it could be brand-new: In most toilets around her you are not likely to flush the toilet paper down the drain instead you toss it in a container, that will be supplied quite often. Therefore merely to verify, you might be prepared and understand what´s planning expect you 😉


Constantly good for a snack inbetween or to find some european like loaves of bread and all sorts of various other style of baked stuff. They do have most desserts as well and supply cosy sitting places (concerning that, I like Leila´s bakery much more). Both of them provide good Wifi and I have spent numerous others sitting here, drinking great coffee, having good sandwiches (!!) and composing on my weblog and editing photographs.

There is Leila´s Bakery just opposite the Koshery spot at Peace Road. To see a few of their particular provides have a look at their particular twitter team !

German Bakery twitter group: )has two stores in Dahab: one at Lighthouse just beneath our planet Gym therefore the various other one at Asalah square. In fact at present I nearly go this 1 each day when Rox and I also simply take a run towards the coastline. It's my job to get two cheese sticks there (i must say i love them) and also as soon even as we tend to be sitting at the coastline we share all of them :-).


A very great place to keep fit to get some workout as well as have actually outstanding hot bath could be the Planet Gym! The 2 guys working you can find awesome in addition to devices and weights enable countless good workouts, even when many of them likely have seen better times ;-). As my bath isn't the most readily useful home i usually shower indeed there after education and it´r actually be my program. For 120 LE a months you have got accessibility any 2nd day – do it now! It´s not merely good for your quality of life you may also have a pleasant hot shower if you desire throughout the colder wintertime times 🙂


With around 80 Million Moslems in Egypt, virtually 95percent percent of the population consider friday as the most crucial day during the week. People are wandering to your mosques and you will frequently expect countless companies during midday closed. However, there are plenty of places to go to also on fridays. Only don´t be surprised why fridays are so quiet..


For those of you whom don´t need miss the important games (or possibly some of the unimportant either) YALLA club is a great target to go to along with RED water CHILL. Usually the play all-kind of games (La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga .. ) based what people desire to view and which groups are playing (those, where egyptians play always have an edge 😉 )

And (at the least) in YALLA BAR it will always be worth seeking the video game you wish to view – at least i really could watch the only or any other Madrid game that way!


I don´t precisely understand you´ll discover the post-office in Dahab, exactly what I'm sure is, that you can get (absolutely old) postcards and stamps on shop beside the bridge in Masbat Bay. They also have an eco-friendly letterbox right in front from it! Sending postcards is cheap and simple, so why perhaps not earn some people home look?


It is extremely helpful to understand a few terms in arabic as you might fulfill some people who aren't in a position to talk the language you're talking. Therefore here are the rules:

Hi / Hello (May peace be to you)as salaamu alaikum

Answer to that (and so to you) – wa alaikum èl salaamu

My name is …. – asmy …

Thank-you – Shukran

Kindly – Min faddlak

Enjoyment – Afuan

Tomorrow – Bokra

Can I … / Perhaps? – Mumkin .. ?

Exactly how will you be? – Kole tmam?

Good! – tmam

One – wahad

Two – Itnien

Threee – talata

Four – arba

Five – Hamsa

That´s high priced! – Rale

Excuse-me.. – Lawo Samaht

ok – meshi

All words written in arabic will be the way i might compose all of them, Im confident it´s maybe not the way in which to do it. Just give it a try and allow residents correct you 😉


Getting or having a drink is not any problem in Dahab. You will find about three Liquor shops I'm sure of (simply close to Jowhara hotel in Mashraba, one at the small square in Mashraba, plus one at Asalah square). Most restaurants in the promenade also provide alcoholic beverages. Some don't but are totally fine with you taking your own personal. You can easily estimate the average Euro for 750ml when you look at the shop and about 50 cents at the top for similar in a restaurant. Heineken is a bit more expensive compared to locals Sakara and Stella.

Please admire the locals and don´t circumambulate with beer in your hands, topless and drunk. That´s not cool.

I am hoping this lists helps you dudes in the event that you plan on arriving at this stunning location. A truly good web page to check on is – perhaps not the prettiest one, but you´ll look for lots of information here. If anyone already residing or staying in Dahab has some tips to add please feel free to review below or ask any queries you would like! I´d appreciate any kind of comments!

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