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Is it safe to Travel to Egypt now

If the “Revolution” broke in Jan/Feb 2011, there were, in fact, a few days of panic. But also at top of this tumultuous time, we discovered we had been completely safe while operating a business only 10 minute walk from Tahir Square – during the time we also offered accommodation for tourists in Cairo.

Returning to the initial concern, is it safe to go to Egypt? The quick answer is “yes”.

Egypt can be safe as anywhere else on the planet, and less dangerous that many western nations.

Like anywhere you are going on earth, be it a metropolis, a small town and on occasion even the quiet countryside, you utilize good sense. You really need to do in Egypt what you will do at home.

What Never To do:

  • Don’t go searching for pleasure in the center of a huge crowd, it doesn't matter what is going on
  • Don’t get to Egypt thinking you can easily find a resort, a guide, or any. Do some study in advance. You really need to specially do it if searching for inexpensive accommodation
  • Don’t go walking along the Nile during the night. As you can guess, it will be the worst destination to get hassled from vendors and the like
  • Don’t wander around darkened right back streets. Whenever.
  • Don’t set off the beaten track in search of the ‘hidden Egypt’. Such a thing worth witnessing certainly will never be concealed

What to do:

  • Book just trusted, suggested resorts, including Mara home and do it if your wanting to set off. This can permit you to simply take their suggestions about what direction to go, just what not to do, where to get and in which to not get
  • Have actually a lock for each and every case – unpack just what's essential everywhere. Keep all valuables in your bags when there is no space safe, then lock your bags whenever heading out.

Obtain the right point of view on safety

Prior to the 25 Jan ‘revolution’, Egypt had been one of the safest locations in the world. It 's still.

Compared to the risk of road muggings or assault in Chicago, towards the risk of the constant earthquakes in China, or the risk of the most popular floods in Gt. Britain, the chance in Egypt is minimal. You might be almost certainly going to be run-over crossing the road home that to be involved in a terrorist attack in Egypt.

Group travel is a wonderful option

We ourselves are foreign people in Egypt. This will be our primary strength. It really is just what sets us aside from the remainder. We do tours and provide tourist packages obviously, exactly what we truly simply take great joy in doing is showing little teams around Cairo, Luxor and Aswan ourselves – particularly Mara!

Current offers

Our is full, but you may still find various locations designed for the March 22 – April 1 group should you believe that is a choice for you personally. The itinerary would be the exact same when it comes to March team once the Nov group. I will soon be announcing brand new dates while having begun a waiting listing for Oct 2017 as a result of wide range of enquires for the thirty days. Please e mail us if you would like the entire itinerary or even to be placed on a listing become update re brand-new times.

Final remarks

Your investment media. Talk with those that have checked out Egypt recently. Check-out websites on the internet like TripAdvisor to discover what current visitors consider

Something you’ll notice is the fact that couple of, if any, mention either sensation safe or hazardous. When they arrived, it immediately became a non-issue in their mind. – Mara Oct 2016

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