Climate: Dahab

Dahab temperature

Dahab temperature differs from 21 C in winter season to 39 C during the summer meaning that even in cold temperatures you can dive, snorkel and swimming.

sunlight water temperature is varying from 20 C in wintertime to around 28 C during the summer and there is hardly ever any rainfall, since the Sinai features a desert weather.

Summer time is hot and dry and you'll hardly see any clouds, but the low moisture together with gentle Dahab breeze make the heat bearable. Throughout the summer it is important to drink plenty of liquid in order to avoid dehydration.

Winter months months between December & March have actually a tremendously comfortbale weather, although Dahab heat through the night can drop quite a bit and it might be windy, it is therefore important to bring some hotter clothing even if you may well not require all of them during the day.

MONTH LIQUID TEMPERATURE HIGH TEMP DAY minimal TEMP NIGHT BLUE-SKY January 20 C 22 C 13 C 87 per cent February 21 C 23 C 14 C 89 per cent March 22 C 25 C 16 C 90 % April 23 C 30 C 20 C 90 per cent May 24 C 34 C 24 C 91 per cent Summer 25 C 37 C 26 C 99 % July 26 C 38 C 27 C 99 per cent August 27 C 37 C 28 C 99 percent September 27 C 36 C 26 C 99 % October 26 C 31 C 23 C 95 percent November 24 C 27 C 19 C 90 % December 23 C 23 C 15 C

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