Dahab Red Sea, Dahab

Dahab, Red Sea

Dahab provides great diving opportunities and it is renowned when it comes to Dahab Blue Hole plunge web site. It's mainly coral reef carefully slopping down also shallow coral gardens. Almost all of the plunge sites tend to be effortless, making Dahab a fantastic spot to learn scuba. Actually, you can find over 50 diving centres simply in Dahab and that means you have actually a lot of option!!!

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Each of them provide various Padi and CMAS programs from novices to really experienced scuba divers with Tech and deep diving programs. However they don’t have the same standards on high quality and protection and you should pick very carefully your plunge centre!

Inside page you will discover more descriptive information on scuba in Dahab.

Best Dive Review

The marine life is fantastic with all the typical reef fishes of the Red water and pelagic fishes like barracudas and jacks. Turtles can also be spotted. However it is rare to spot Sharks within part of Red Sea.

Dahab Blue HoleThe red coral is gorgeous but is greatly damaged in shallow components of the reef by mass diving and by careless divers (tut-tut!)… but if you head to protected places such Ras Mumlach or Ras Abu Galum, it is possible to still find superb and vibrant difficult and soft red coral.

Exactly what actually makes famous Dahab, may be the celebrated Blue Hole diving site! It's a large 70 m wide gap in the red coral reef going down to 80 m with a 30 m long arch visiting the available sea on its base. It's a fantastic diving website for all divers with great coral and reef life but Deep scuba divers and Tech scuba divers from all over the planet come to Dahab to plunge under the Blue Hole Arch.

Dahab Camel Desertsadly some divers that less skilled in addition make an effort to dive this very hard place, for this reason the reason why the Blue Hole has become referred to as “Most Dangerous Dive website worldwide!”. You will find about 28 divers killed every year about this single spot!

Therefore please TRY NOT TO try to dive the Blue Hole if you're not an extremely experienced diver with Deep Diving and combine fuel training experience!!! You can watch this movie regarding the Blue Hole Tragedy:

Freedivers in addition visited the Blue opening to try to swim through Arch.

Another great diving web site in Dahab is known as the Canyon and is comprised of a type of underwater tube heading down to 30 yards. This web site is set aside to experienced scuba divers besides. This place, combined with Blue Hole, may become REALLY crowded with dozens of scuba divers underwater simultaneously!

Dahab does not have wrecks to plunge and it's also perhaps not the best place if you want underwater macro photography. If you should be searching for incredible Macro and Muck Diving, decide to try the Lembeh Strait or Wakatobi in Indonesia and Mabul Island in Malaysia!

You will find about 20 diving websites around Daha. The very best ones tend to be:

  • Dahab Blue Hole
  • The Bell
  • The Canyon
  • Eel Garden
  • Lighthouse reef
  • The Hawaiian Islands

Best time for you to plunge in Dahab

You'll be able to dive throughout every season. Though the water heat does vary loads.

  • From July to September, this is the hottest thirty days with a liquid heat of approximately 28°C.
  • The coldest thirty days is February with a liquid heat of approximately 21°C.
  • From October to November, you may expect from 25°C to 27°C.
  • From March to Summer, water is starting to warm up with temperatures varying between 22°C to 25°C.

Hot Idea

  • There is not actually a unitary “best diving period” in the Red Sea however, if you don’t like crowded dive internet sites, avoid the large period from July to December! Should you get through the busy period, you ought to reserve your resort really beforehand.

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