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FreedivingFreediving is some of different aquatic activities that share the practice of breath-hold underwater diving. 1st country that was well-known for it was the Haenyeo in Korea. They accumulated shells and sponges to sell to other individuals. The Ama scuba divers from Japan began to gather pearls 2000 years ago. Additionally the spearfishers round the mediterranean and beyond were necessary for the historical history the action associated with apnea diving.

AIDA Freediver *

The course is for confident snorkellers who want to explore the underwater world more closely.
The program includes:

  • 1 breath-holding session, when you will see standard strategies of respiration, leisure and breath-holding.
  • 1 principle session, when become familiar with some freediving physiology therefore the risks of hyperventilation.
  • 1 diving program, when you will learn how-to swim properly underwater, to an optimum level of 10 m. You're going to be astonished exactly how simple and effortless it's going to feel.
  • Duration of program is 1 day.
  • Freediving equipement is included within the training course.
  • Price: 75 €

AIDA Freediver **

It is a course for newbies who wish to discover all basic concept and strategies of freediving.
The course includes:

  • 3 sessions when become familiar with the basics of freediving physics and physiology, breathing for freediving, preventing blackout and how to rescue a freediver in trouble.
  • 2 breath-holding sessions during which you will learn and practice respiration and leisure techniques and you will certainly be capable increase your breath-hold times easily.
  • 1 dynamic apnea session during which you certainly will practice horizontal underwater swimming and exactly how to move effectively.
  • 4 scuba diving sessions when could practice, equalizing, technique instruction, streamlining and rescue procedures.
  • After the course you'll be able to dive comfortably towards depth of fifteen to twenty yards.
  • Course period: 3 days
  • Requirements: To be able to swim, 18 years (16 with guardians signature).
  • Cost: 210 € (if single student 270 €)

AIDA Freediver ***

That is an intermediate program for freedivers who wish to get the full story higher level techniques and dive a little deeper.
The program includes:

  • 3 sessions when become familiar with what are the results towards human body (and lung area) whenever surrounding stress becomes greater and just how the body adapts to the (mammalian diving reflex); we will get further in equalization practices.
  • 2 pool sessions when you will definitely exercise O2 and CO2 tables, learn training ideas for static, and prepare a maximum attempt.
  • 4 scuba diving sessions during which we're going to improve your swimming technique and streamlining, you may exercise free-falling. We are going to additionally practice even more relief scenarios on top as well as level.
  • At the conclusion of the course it will be possible to dove easily into depth of 25-30 meters.
  • Program duration 3 times.
  • Requirements: AIDA** (or comparable), 18 many years (16 with guardians signature).
  • Price: 210 € (if solitary student 270 €)

AIDA Freediver ****

This can be an advanced program for freedivers who wish to rise above leisure level. Become familiar with heightened equlization techniques and more about how to remain complement freediving.
This course includes:

  • 3 theory sessions during which we go deep into most of the theory regarding deep diving and deep equalization methods. We speak about mix training and diet for freediving.
  • 1 stretching program led by a specialist Yoga Teacher, covering complete human body stretching and lung stretching.
  • 2 share sessions where you train packaging, stretching, coaching and how to build a person pool work out.
  • 5 dive sessions where the main focus is exhale-diving and mouth-fill equalizing. You will also do some adjustable fat diving during course.
  • At the end of the program you are able to plunge comfortably to your depth of 35-40 yards.
  • Course duration 4 times.
  • Prerequisites: AIDA*** (or comparable), very first Aid/CPR course, 18 years (16 with guardians trademark).
  • Price: 320 € (if solitary student 400 €)

AIDA Instructor Program

This is a course for those who desire to start working as professional freediving instructors.

  • On this program become familiar with in regards to the concept of teaching and you'll get many practice at training students into the class, pool and available liquid. You will learn about planning and running plunge sessions also find some business suggestions about simple tips to market and price your courses. We shall be sure that you will cope with a great amount of practical scenarios to make sure you are set for whatever issues your pupils might have during real classes. Desire to is for you to definitely keep this course confident and totally willing to show.
  • Course length of time: 14-21 days (depending on amount of students. Maximum 8)
  • Prerequisites: AIDA**** (or comparable), First Aid/CPR course, 18 years.
  • Price: 900 € (minimal 4 students)

AIDA Competition Freediver

This course is for freedivers who would like to contend in AIDA freedivers competitions.

  • This course was created to result in the student alert to all the competitive rules and also to use them.
  • The course includes: 1 concept program, 1 share program and 1 diving program.
  • Program duration 1 day.
  • Price: 75 € (in conjunction with it week 40 €)

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