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Hurghada El Gouna

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  • North Hurghada Reefs and Abu Nuhas wrecks
  • Chosen unique diving trips including Rosalie Moller and Thistlegorm
  • Great resort sensation, popular marina, family members & pals favourite

"numerous types of diving including Northern Hurghada including Sha'ab El Erg and Careless as well as the wrecks at Abu Nuhas. For higher level divers, i suggest reserving a special trip to the Rosalie Moller once you arrive."
Saad, Dive Guide

Emperor scuba divers El Gouna has become co-located with our pals and colleagues, Blue Brothers Diving, in the Three Corners Ocean see Hotel on Abu Tig Marina, that will be very convenient for boat departures. We offer no-cost transfers to and from Abu Tig Marina. Many of our guests remain within Ocean View and hotels all over Marina making the center a perfect option in an easy location. Our daily dive ships leave from Abu Tig Marina, using you to definitely those unforgettable dive sites in comfort.

(Hurghada Hotels: Transfers to and from your own resort come from €7.50 per individual per day.)

A perfect day diving at
Emperor El Gouna (2013)

Our main tourist attractions may be the different types of scuba diving available including lots of the north Hurghada internet sites like Sha'ab El Erg and Careless. Deep walls to shallow reefs and either wrecks for many amounts could all be dived from El Gouna. Unique trips are scheduled in turn to Abu Nuhas, Rosalie Moller & Thistlegorm. El Gouna can be an excellent location for both students and practiced scuba divers with day scuba diving, day trips, learning to plunge or taking your scuba diving more with your welcoming and very knowledgeable team of dive teachers and guides.

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