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Egypt’s condition religion is Islam, with around 80-90per cent of its populace becoming Muslim, as the most the residual populace is one of the Christian Coptic Orthodox Church.

The Islamic diary

The Islamic diary is employed by Muslims to look for the times by which to see or watch Islamic holiday breaks and celebrations. It is a lunar calendar, with a year enduring around 354 or 355 days and is perhaps not in line with the months, meaning that the occasions which particular celebrations are celebrated will not constantly coincide with the exact same dates on Gregorian (western) diary.

The years are known as Hijri, together with months are below (enabling spelling variations):
Muharram, Safar, Rabīʿ We, Rabīʿ II, Jumādā I, Jumādā II, Rajab, Shaʿbān, Ramadān, Shawwāl, Dhū al-Qiʿda, Dhū al-Hijja.

Since an innovative new lunar thirty days starts as soon as the lunar crescent is first-seen by a human observer, it is difficult to offer accurate information ahead of time towards Islamic diary. Calendars are imprinted for reasons of preparation, however these are derived from estimates thin times may transform.

Islam could be the state faith, therefore Islamic breaks tend to be followed by the complete population. Christian holidays, at the same time, are not nationwide vacations although Christians are allowed to observe all of them. Nationwide holidays that autumn on the same time every western twelve months feature:

  • January 7 - Christmas
  • January 25 - Egyptian Revolution Day (the start of the 2011 Revolution)
  • April 25 - Sinai Liberation Day
  • May 1 - Labour Day
  • July 23 - Revolution Day (Revolution of 1952)
  • October 6 - Armed Forces Day

Those on the basis of the Islamic diary vary:

  • Monday following Orthodox Easter - Sham el Nissim
  • 1 Muharram - Islamic New Year
  • 12 Rabīʿ I - Birthday associated with Prophet Muhammad
  • 1-3 Shawwāl - Eid al-Fitr
  • 10-13 Dhū al-Ḥijja - Eid al-Adha

Additionally there are various other occasion times, however federal government offices will probably stay available:

  • January 1 - Brand New Year’s Day
  • January 3 - Sportsmen’s Day
  • March 21 - Mother’s Day
  • Summer 18 - Evacuation Day
  • August 15 (a couple of weeks) - Flooding of this Nile
  • October 21 - Egyptian Naval Day
  • October 24 - Suez Day
  • December 23 - Victory Time

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