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Winter Holidays to Egypt

Put into two seasons, summer and cold weather, Egypt doesn't have time for autumn and springtime.

Scorching hot in July and August, with temperatures soaring to the 40s even with dark, the moisture stays persistently full of the middle 20s, so make sure you invest in an air conditioning unit if it does not already have the space whenever you book your hotel in Egypt. Also November remains into the 20s whilst sand storms and hot spring winds mix up the weather between March and April. One things without a doubt - Egypt breaks are often hot!

The wettest weather condition (when you can call 200 millimetres of precipitation damp!) is located around the city of Alexandria, while some areas south of Cairo can go many years without witnessing a fall of rainfall - therefore don't worry in the event that you leave your brolly in Britain!


Split into four geographical areas – the Nile Valley and Delta, west Desert, Eastern Desert and Sinai Peninsula - it generally does not simply take a genius to work through that Egypt's landscape is made up mainly of sandy deserts, mountains, ponds and territorial seas.

Running the length of Egypt, the north-flowing Nile (in addition to longest lake on the planet), does not only make a worthy spectacle- you could make light work of going between various locations to their numerous ferry trips.

Things To Do on Egypt Vacations

Whether you go searching for a history-filled fortnight or a coastline side activity break, it is possible to pick the type of vacation you want in Egypt by the liquid you create camp by. While the Nile offers the perfect kick off point to find pyramids, temples, monasteries and mummies; the Red Sea as well as its beautiful shores keeps water-babies and budding snorkelers occupied 'til their particular heart's content. If it is diving vacations you are considering, Sharm could be the place to get.

Using the Nile as your trip guide, you can actually explore all the well-known sights - the Valley of the Kings (house to the tomb of Tutankhamen), the Temple of Karnak together with Avenue regarding the Sphinx. Incase you are nevertheless keen to swot upon the age-old traditions of tomb life, why don't you check out Egypt's Mummification museum in magical Luxor where you could discover all about the fascinating process of embalming.

Alternatively, whether or not it's the coastline that is phoning your title, make sure you get familiar with the Red Sea and breathtaking Sharm El Sheikh beach. One of our top beaches, it really is famous for its magnificent waters, fantastic sands, water-based activities, and also the scuba diving schools dotted between every single bay, providing you with the chance to brush up on your underwater skills.


Just accommodating, Islam could be the primary religion in Egypt using rest being Coptic Christians (Christian Egyptians). Which means many Muslims in Egypt still never take in and see Mosques frequently, nevertheless they don't have any objection to tourists drinking, and they'll enjoy you to the mosques open-armed. In reality all famous and significant mosques are ready to accept visitors, except whenever services tend to be occurring (Fridays at noon). Remember to remove your footwear and protect bare hands if you do not wish to offend the residents.

Although most Egyptians talk Arabic because their first language, English happens to be widely-spoken as a consequence of the roaring visitor trade. The only locations you might need to arm yourself with a phrase guide whilst on holiday in Egypt is when you choose to look at the much more outlying areas, or eat call at Egyptian-owned eateries as staff won't be likely to be bi-lingual.

Elsewhere, when you look at the bigger metropolitan areas, you are going to remain greeted by most of the large conglomerate fast-food chains accommodating for various different meals preferences and countries – Brit, Italian, Mexican etc, but if you are looking to test a signature Egyptian meal, expect many more fresh vegetables, rice, breads and Meze. Closely connected to North African cuisine, meals is lighter on beef but don't lack on taste due to the wealthy regional herbs the foodstuff is infused with.


Even though it gets too dark to dive or sunbathe, the waterfronts tend to be in which you'll want to remain positioned if you should be looking a good time on the Egypt vacation. From the Nile-fronted cities of Cairo and Luxor, the Red Sea settlements of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, into mediterranean and beyond metropolis of Alexandria, it is possible to mingle aided by the residents and street-vendors or meet like-minded travellers and tourists into the pubs, groups and pubs that range the key pieces.

Or, whether or not it's family-friendly tasks you're looking for, you will want to reserve a vacation to see among Egypt's electrifying sound and light shows – we haven't discovered anyone who hasn't been impressed by a spot-lit Sphinx however!

Book a Egypt Holiday now!

Egypt Holidays do have every thing! Marvel within sheer magnitude associated with the pyramids, investigate into the reputation for the old civilisation and even adventure into the desert. What other destinations can boast these types of superb specific opportunities, also marvelous sunshine to top up your tan!

To make certain that our clients have access to the most effective Egyptian holiday discounts available, we have developed an online reservation engine that lets our people pick from the least expensive flights and a wide range of hand picked resort hotels. Book with in the Beach these days!

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