Royal Flush Slide

Wakeboard slides

Surface tricks are tips being performed whilst board is at first glance of the liquid. For technique tip help, kindly start to see the Trick checklist. When we're missing a trick, publish it here.

Backside Butterslide: Rider turns the board rear 90 levels and grinds the aftermath.

Backside Butterslide 180: Rider turns the board backside 90 levels and grinds the wake. Rider after that grabs the handle with opposite hand and does another 90 level turn-in the same course.

Backside Start: Rider gets up in a rear place in which the backside is facing the boat.

System Slide: Rider lies straight back onto the water.

Butterslide: Rider turns the board frontside 90 levels and grinds the wake.

Just like regular butterslide but with another 90 level rotation in identical path.

No-Hander: Rider leaves handle between legs, after that allows go with your hands.

Nothing Butterslide: Rider leaves handle between legs whilst in a butterslide.

Perez: Rider carves outside of the aftermath and slides into a surface 360.

Potato Peeler: Body Slide with fin launch.

Powerslide: Board is switched backside 90 degrees in flats. Fins tend to be broken loose. If done correctly, it generates a big squirt.

Rider slices backwards and forwards inside wake in a surf-carving fashion.

Exterior 180: A 180 degree turn on the surface of the water.

Surface 360: A 360 level turn on the surface of the water.

Tumble Turn: Rider lays straight back on water, board is taken out of water and over the head, human anatomy is spun around rear and driver stands backup onto foot.

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