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A terrific way to feel the society and History of Ancient Egypt

By Alexandra Regan
Egypt will not instantly spring to mind whenever most people think about using a family vacation. This African country captivates foreign people acquainted with its colorful reputation for pyramids, tomb robbers, and Cleopatra, and frightens numerous Westerners, as soon as we told pals we were considering using our children here during their February school vacation, these were surprised and concerned.

Egypt could have an abundant history, however it is today an Islamic state, and didn’t most of the 9/11 bombers research in Cairo?

This is the option to see the pyramids! Photos by Alexandra ReganHowever, a good friend of ours, which lives in Cairo together with his partner and children, guaranteed us that Egyptians are cozy, friendly people who love kids, hence the government takes the security of tourists really seriously.

We were easy to convince. The winter in Europe had been specially cold, and our Vitamin D deprived bodies craved the sun.

Also, we wanted to see this old country up close. I experienced seen the King Tutankhamen exhibit as a youngster and do not destroyed my fascination for pharaonic artifacts.

Our kids, who were seven and nine yrs old and currently enamored with mummies and pharaohs, had recently heard of animated Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra.may seem like the side of the world. equipped with adequate comic guide history to fuel their imagination, they were prepared to explore Egypt on their own.

2-3 times in Cairo, four days over the Nile

We were not visiting a cartoon country, however, but a hot, dirty, frequently crazy and decidedly non-Western spot, in accordance with kids along we had to decide on our itinerary very carefully. We wished to see most of the Pharaonic sights over the Nile but in addition to take in a number of Cairo to obtain a feel for modern Egypt.

Numerous tourists fly in and out of Luxor and bypass radiant Cairo altogether. This really is a mistake, for regardless of the difficulties of visiting this sprawling town, the juxtaposition of ancient and modern-day in Cairo is spellbinding.

Look the things I purchased in the Cairo marketplace! Peeking out from a screened screen at the Gayer-Anderson home Family time during a Nile cruise Al-Azhar Park

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