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Our trips aren't suitable for young children, therefore we put a minimum age restriction of ten years old. But during the discretion of Expat Explore we might think about youngsters on specific tours should they meet specific criteria and a request is received on paper via mail for consideration. Expat Explore reserves the absolute directly to accept or decrease a booking at our discernment.

Tend to be intercontinental flights contained in the trip cost?

No, it is important to create your own plans to arrive at the conference destination the first-day of trip. Make certain you keep deviation times and feasible delays in your mind when scheduling routes. Please view here to see Skyscanner - a useful tool for contrasting rates through the vast majority of airlines.

Are transfers within the tour cost?

Your tour includes inbound and outbound airport transfers in case your inbound flight arrives in the trip begin time plus outgoing journey departs regarding the trip finish day. Please mail guaranteeing your scheduling research and after information:

  • Your arrival day, time, airline, trip number and airport
  • Your deviation date, time, flight, journey number and airport.

Could I access wi-fi regarding the tour?

Many resorts offer Wi-Fi, but there is however generally a payment for access. Most places and cities could have internet cafés where you can access the internet; opening hours vary. Kindly confer with your tour frontrunner and the reception staff at resorts for more info.

Could you appeal to my nutritional needs?

Prior to the tour starts, you are going to obtain an email from us asking for your dietary requirements. There is always a vegetarian option, which is a meal without meat. We try just as much as we could to offer you the standard regional food.

Are you able to offer a triple space?

We could generally supply a triple area on request; however it just isn't guaranteed to be accessible in most location. Please contact our buyer services staff to request a triple room. Please note that in certain resorts, the triple room may contains a double sleep and just one bed, or a double bed and a pull-out or bunk-bed. Where we can't provide a triple space the rooming will include one twin space while the 3rd traveler sharing with another single traveller of the identical sex.

Are you able to deliver myself an estimate?

The purchase price shown on the website for the deviation time at the time you book could be the cost you will spend. If you wish to make an organization booking for 10 or even more people be sure to e mail us.

Do I need a visa traveling on this trip?

Kindly consult your neighborhood embassy to verify in the event that you require a visa to enter Egypt. Most nationalities could possibly get their particular visa on arrival, others will need to apply for a visa in advance. Expat Explore can offer visa support papers if required.

Do i have to transform money prior to the trip?

Kindly always bring to you for the start of the tour your local currency(ies) you'll need for about the initial three days, as there may possibly not be an opportunity to change currency at beginning of tour. You need to cover any optional excursions you wish to do inside duration (see 'Optional Excursions' loss above) and non-included dishes. We don’t recommend holding considerable amounts of cash with you on tour; you will be best off withdrawing enough money to last you for the next 5-7 days, rather than carrying sufficient money to last you the totality regarding the tour. Kindly make reference to your pre-departure information for more information on the currencies you will require for your specific itinerary.

Have you got storage/left luggage services?

No, we don't have these services. For protection explanations, you're going to be expected to keep your belongings to you at all times. Please keep this in mind if you're determining what to deliver.

How do I get the papers i must apply for my visa?

Expat Explore provides travellers calling for visas with visa help papers on a demand foundation. Please note that you will be necessary to pay money for your tour entirely being get the documents. This can be an embassy/consulate necessity by-law. Once you have received confirmation that your particular booking happens to be paid in full, it is possible to request your visa support papers by mailing - please enable up to 10 working days to receive these documents.

Just how do I book/pay?

You can book online through our website or phone our customer care team to help make a scheduling over the telephone. You must spend a deposit of 10percent or 50 GBP (whichever is better) via our online repayment system to secure your place. You can pay the rest of the quantity up to 35 days before deviation, with a debit/credit card or with a bank transfer.

How many other individuals will be from the trip?

It depends on what other people will reserve, but team sizes are usually between 15 and 25 people.

How much luggage can I deliver?

Due to load and space restrictions, you might be allowed to deliver one main piece of baggage evaluating no more than 20kg, and another tiny soft case for hand baggage. On all tours, you'll have to carry your personal baggage (example. into accommodations and up towards room if motels don’t have actually elevators). Please bear this in mind whenever you are determining things to bring.

How much extra cash do I need for my holiday?

That is for you to decide, of course, and can differ dependent on just how much need to spend on snacks, products, souvenirs etc. entry fees to ancient websites, museums and other attractions are not within the tour cost, and payable in the neighborhood currency (Egyptian Pounds) to your tour leader. To help you budget, these prices are listed under the Experience tab for each day on the tour page.

How much walking is taking part in your trips?

We believe the ultimate way to arrive at one's heart and heart of a city is by walking, in the middle of individuals while the tradition. As a result, we do walking trips through all of the urban centers we see. A number of the cities you go to are vast and old, often with steps and cobblestones. Our walking tours can last up to 3 hours with plenty of opportunities to take photographs and soak up the history of these fascinating places, but you do require a certain level of fitness to enjoy your tour to its fullest.

Is Egypt a secure destination to travel to?

As a British vacation business, we stick to the advice associated with international & Commonwealth Office. They currently advise that all the areas our tours go are currently safe to travel to. If these tips changes to the contrary, and we cannot adjust the itinerary to account, then we will terminate the trip and supply you a full refund. It is important you take out-travel insurance coverage once you have actually booked your routes, and ensure that it addresses you for the routes in the eventuality of the trip becoming terminated.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit repayment protects your place(s) on the trip while the price you spend. Your deposit paid during booking is non-refundable. Our complete Terms and Conditions can be viewed online.

Is travel insurance compulsory?

Indeed, and you are in charge of organizing a insurance coverage. Passengers and their particular private residential property travel with Expat Explore entirely at unique threat. The right insurance policy should supply sufficient cover for health costs arising through infection or accident prior to or throughout the vacation, and reduced vacation monies through termination or curtailment of holiday or any other insurable factors. Customers should make certain that there are not any exclusion clauses limiting protection when it comes to kind of activities inside their tour. Whenever on tour, make certain you keep individual belongings for you at all times and that your suitcase/backpack has actually a lock upon it, especially in traveler places. It may possibly be advisable to wear a money gear to store money, credit cards and passport.
For a somewhat tiny cost, travel insurance provides you with the reassurance in order to enjoy your tour without the worries. To receive a quote in one of our preferred travel insurance lovers, please go to WorldNomads (for many nationalities) or Hollard (for South Africans).

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