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Culture and history

The 2 key things to Egyptians are the family members and Islam, which both govern their life, and as might know, Egypt has actually a very good existence in popular tradition. Films put here have included Death in the Nile, Raiders regarding the Lost Ark, The Spy whom Loved myself, in addition to Mummy.

The annals of Egypt is as very long so that as wealthy as River Nile that sustained it. Painting in broad brushstrokes, the time of Ancient Egypt, which gave increase towards pyramids, lasted from about 3, 000 to 300 BC. International invasions following this period had been many, and included the Romans, which ruled Egypt from 30 BC towards the 7th century advertisement.

Both Arab and Ottoman armies were to follow along with, and there clearly was a brief strategic profession because of the French at the end of the eighteenth century. Britain took control over the location for much of the nineteenth century, in a thinly veiled try to protect its trading routes to Asia, perhaps not least through the Suez Canal, which was constructed in the 1860s.

In 1919 the Egyptian Revolution attained the united states sovereignty, but it ended up being nonetheless managed because of the British. The Republic of Egypt ended up being eventually created in 1953, using the total withdrawal of British soldiers through the Suez Canal coming a couple of years later on in 1956.

Things to do

Our escorted trips of Egypt and archeologically tours consume all the places, through the tomb of Tutankhamen into temples of Luxor and Karnak. The ultimate method to go through the marvels of old Egypt must certanly be by boat on a Nile river cruise. Settle-back and relax given that desert landscape drifts past and stop to visit all of the hot-spots on the way.

For sunlight worshipers you can find the beach hotels of the Red water, including scuba divers' haven, Sharm el Sheikh regarding Sinai Peninsula, many exceptional all-inclusive motels and resorts in east. If you fail to choose between ancient culture in addition to pool bar, then why not get the best of both worlds and guide our cruise and stay trips into the Red water additionally the Nile?

Cairo and around

Frenetic to put it mildly, metropolitan Cairo houses some 22 million folks. If you can look past all chaos, you will discover a fascinating and interesting town filled with wily but inviting men and women, grand palaces and mosques, and colourful bazaars.

Raise your eyes into the horizon, gaze through the city haze, and you ought to about write out the fantastic Pyramid of Giza, one of several Seven Wonders of the World. A straightforward tour through the money, nearby Giza is also home towards Great Sphinx.

The Nile River Valley and Delta

The River Nile runs south to north, entering at edge with Sudan and streaming north towards the Mediterranean Sea. This is when you'll find nearly all of Egypt's archaeological marvels, from the Valley regarding the Kings towards temples of Luxor, Saqqara and Abu Simbel, using their complex rock carvings and monumental scale.

Sinai Peninsula

The Eastern Desert

This durable area stretches east of this Nile toward Red Sea coast. This is when you will discover lots of Egypt's most useful coastline resorts, specially around Hurghada and El Quseir.

Trip time

It requires about five-and-a-quarter hours to travel from London to Cairo.


Pound - The currency could be the Egyptian Pound (£E), that is split into 100 piastres. Sterling, euros and US bucks will also be accepted and ATMs are accessible.

Passports and visas

You need to carry some form of identity to you all the time – a photocopy of the passport may be beneficial. A tourist visa is required on arrival, but Saga will foot the bill for the.


Hello – Ahlan wa sahlan

Goodbye – Salam

Good morning – Sahab el-kheir

Great night – Masaa el-kheir

Yes – Aiwa

No – La

Thankyou – Shukran

We don’t speak Arabic – Ma batkalemsh Arabi


Egypt is a couple of hours in front of GMT.

Electrical Energy

Mains current is 220 volts AC. Many sockets simply take tiny, round, two-pin plugs so you’ll need an adaptor for Uk appliances – bring one with you as they’re maybe not acquireable locally.


Arabic - The official language in Egypt is Arabic, although English is commonly talked however towns.


The Egyptian term for a tip is ‘backsheesh’ and you will be requested backsheesh by whoever has supplied you service (and, certainly, by anyone who has maybe not).

You are anticipated to tip any...

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