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Appreciated Guest, many thanks for choosing the Sultan Gardens Resort as well as for posting your review. We appreciate your feedback and are sorry you believed that the Sultan Gardnes Resort had not been obtainable. We spare no work in wanting to insure that each and every guest features a fantastic holiday but appreciate we cannot constantly live up to individuals objectives and regret that people didn't do this for you personally. That being said, we wish to set aside a second to address a number of the points raised inside analysis even as we believe they cannot paint an exact image of the resort or its solutions. Initially, regarding celebrity rating. Although we appreciate that you grade the resort centered on your very own experiences it is a fact the Sultan Gardens Resort is easily classified as a five star Egyptian Resort in line with the category directions created by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. There are five star resort hotels that offer for half the price and five-star resort that sell for two times the price and in both cases the price tag should reflect product eventhough all three fall under the five star group. For our component, the management and staff regarding the Sultan Gardens Resort feel very strongly our item is equal or more advanced than any equally ranked and priced product in Sharm el Sheikh and perhaps a few of the more expensive people too. Understanding that we find your feedback concerning the meals to-be very astonishing especially while you appear to have made no mention of your disatifaction because of the food to any employee throughout your stay. Had you done so we would have gladly heard your commentary with an open mind and done whatever ended up being required to insure which you were enjoying your diet. It is even though the Sultan Gardens Resort already boasts a buffet with the full 14 day menu rotation including theme evenings such as for instance Russian night, Italian evening, Mexican night, Thai evening, Chinese evening and Egyptian evening. We utilize every meals material available on the neighborhood areas throughout these 2 weeks and things served include rice, potatoes, chicken, duck, turkey, quail, lamb, veal, beef, liver, fish, calamari, hamburgers, hot dogs, beef bacon, radishes, aubergines, zuchinni, okra, cabbage, squash, pumpkin, carrots, cuccumbers, tomatoes, three types of lettuce, beets, tomatoes and so on. You'll find so many salads and cheeses available plus multiple types of soup and a loaded dessert station which includes not merely a number of homemade cakes and mousses and good fresh fruit and frozen dessert. Real time cooking programs increase the variety with your own pizza pie section on the main terrace and a grill, a carvery and a pasta section (with fresh home-made pasta made right before your eyes within our own pasta maker). Extra restaurants through the Casa Mia Italian restauarant, the Fish Market seafood restaurant and Fleur De Leis Cajun Restaurant and Steakhouse. With regards to swimming pools, we would like to make clear that we have four huge swimming pools with an abundance of shade and sunlight loungers. Two among these swimming pools, the Kids share because of the liquid slide therefore the trademark peaceful share tend to be heated during the cold winter months. Others two pools aren't but having two heated swimming pools currently puts united states well before almost all of our competitors just who have only one heated share. We are sorry but we entirely disagree along with your declaration about songs across the kids pool while the songs is unquestionably instead of for 10 hours a-day and is indeed just on for 2 hours each day and two hours into the mid-day within the arranged animation tasks. The volume of the songs is managed to guarantee it cannot increase beyond the location associated with the share and also as we've a large and heated peaceful share, that you tend to be demonstrably alert to, we are unsure the reason why you would not go indeed there if quiet had been everything you were looking for. As for vendors across the pool being also pushy, it is demonstrably something that the resort cannot condone and even though these staff are not workers associated with resort right we have been none the less in charge of their particular conduct. It's regretable that you never indicated to any employee which you had been disatisfied as we will have taken the mandatory activity to guarantee your satisfaction. Please keep in mind sellers (and animators) aren't allowed in the Quiet share area and that most visitor comments provides impression the vendors are not rude or tough and certainly will make you alone if you keep these things. For areas, we do agree totally that space restorations are neccesary in some places and generally are thrilled to report that they are ongoing with several spaces already done. Which is not to state your areas tend to be uncomfortable or unclean while the vast majority of our guests stay-in unrefurbished spaces with no issue. The renovation procedure is in fact one more thing the resort is performing so as to better provide its friends so we believe we've begun the process in the right time versus far too late. With regards to area, we appreciate your resort is not in the middle of the action that is the City Center if that's where friends choose to be we cannot argue, but you want to really make the case for the location in Shark's Bay as maybe becoming more suitable for all guests because of the after: 1. It's a quiet area in which you won't have songs blaring from pubs and golf clubs during the night time. 2. The action for the town center and on occasion even Soho square tend to be only 10-15 mins away by taxi or shuttle. Barely a daunting journey. 3. Shark's bay provides far superior snorkelling and cleaner seas then the town center does. 4. we have been situated straight across from only course in Sharm el Sheikh as well as the overhead a fresh shopping promenade has now been built across from Resort in addition to stores therein will open up shortly. In the meantime visitor are able to utilize the 24 shops that function in shopping arcade found in the hotel lobby. For night entertainment, we appreciate that is might not have...

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