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Ghiannis D

Siyul Kebira (Big Siyul)

This might be a small low-lying island around one and a half hours north of El Gouna. The island has a reef completely surrounding it and has now two primary dive sites:
  • Siyul Kebira - a lovely dive at the north-east part of this area in which there is to be able to get a hold of leopard sharks sleeping on sandy bottom. Turtles, giant puffer seafood, lion fish and moray eels can frequently be seen right here. The highlight associated with the dive is a tiny pinnacle within turning point of the dive, which includes lovely soft corals and it is house to lots and lots of glass fish and tiny moray eels. The return to the ship is much like cycling in an aquarium because of the abundance of marine life. When there is a solid north current this dive can be done as a drift, driving the peak en route to your moored dive vessel.
  • El Gilwa - regarding south-side associated with the island is El Gilwa, so-called because reef here's not contiguous and it has sandy spots between large coral blocks. You can find 3 separate mooring things right here enabling 4 various dives depending on the way of this current, or a drift along the entire location. The reef blocks are beautiful with numerous tough and smooth corals and a big number of marine life. The main mooring allows accessibility a beautiful pinnacle covered in wonderful corals and vast amounts of glass fish. The watchful diver has got the chance to find the elusive sea-moths inside sandy areas surrounding this pinnacle.

Siyul Soraya (Small Siyul)

Although, as the title indicates, this is actually the smaller associated with the two Siyul countries, this has a bigger reef surrounding it. A dive is made on the south side for the reef, either a drift or from the moored plunge motorboat. Instead the dive watercraft comes into the lagoon through a narrow station inside reef therefore the divers make their particular long ago through channel and diving externally of reef.

Shabroah Siyul (Blind Reef)

The name means that it is a reef in the sea, but near to the island of Siyul. Furthermore referred to as Blind Reef because at high-tide it's submerged and can be difficult to get. The ocean round the reef achieves depths more than 50 yards, the reef carefully sloping right down to around 20 meters before losing much more steeply to the blue. There is the opportunity to see bigger seafood eg tuna and barracuda moving within the blue here. Little pinnacles over the drop-off are plentiful with smaller seafood and there's a good chance to see lion seafood and moray eels and perhaps a crocodile fish hiding when you look at the sand.


This diving site towards the north east of El Gouna features a shallow plateau with many pinnacles, coral structures and a big coral yard. Only went to in calm weather condition, it is often feasible to see reef sharks right here because of the infrequent vessel traffic.

Shaab El Erg

Actually this implies the corals additionally the pinnacles. This might be horseshoe-shaped reef over 5 kilometer long straight east from El Gouna. The lagoon behind the reef houses a lot of Bottlenose Dolphins and even though they wander throughout this section of the Red water, this reef system is the greatest opportunity for divers and snorkelers to see all of them in the open. There are seven or maybe more dives possible here the most frequent being:
  • Dolphin House - situated at northern end of the reef the plunge web site is made of the primary reef the big red coral block, or gotta, close to it as well as the channel among them. Two dives are produced right here any Thursday on various areas of the website. The station is employed by dolphins traveling in and out associated with lagoon and an unforgettable underwater encounter may be the emphasize of a dive here. Furthermore this dive site hosts turtles, moray eels, napoleon wrasse, crocodile fish, rays, large shoals of goat fish, cornet fish, scorpion seafood and several colorful corals can be seen from the reef, gotta plus the small pinnacles found here.
  • Poseidon outdoors - this dive is on a large red coral block in the lagoon behind the primary reef. There was a very big red coral yard beside the reef consisting of huge table corals and brain corals. Between and on the corals, clams of several sizes and colors can be seen, plus more and more masked puffer seafood. Large shoals of banner seafood and butterfly seafood can always be viewed right here. This dive can also be often done as a drift to ensure a lot more of the red coral structures are seen.
  • Manta Point - this plunge site is on the outside for the reef close to the lighthouse on center of this reef. Turtles, moray eels & most forms of Red Sea fish can be seen here, possibly even a reef shark, as well as the possibility of Mantas in period.

Abu Nugar

Abu Nugar means the daddy of this holes, or the pools and is the holes in the primary reef right here. Additionally some bigger blocks of coral, or gottas, inside shallow water location. There are numerous feasible dives of this type, the most common being:

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