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Egypt summer weather


66°F 18°C

51°F 10°C

0 in 1 cm


64°F 17°C

49°F 9°C




71°F 21°C

53°F 11°C


79°F 26°C

57°F 13°C

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86°F 30°C


To talk about climate, it is vital to realize in Egypt weather condition differs from the others from a single spot to another/

The large season for tourism in Egypt is all year with wintertime and spring being peak season for social journeys with a lot of sightseeing. Weather in Egypt is good for many different types of tourism, while to arrive June, July and August, head when it comes to seaside hotels. Those months tend to be hot with conditions that will reach around 45 degrees C. and the humidity is approximately 70 to 80per cent, however it is bearable aided by the ocean and enormous swimming pools nearby.

So that the amount of large summer months can be crowded as accommodations fill up with tourists throughout the planet looking for a bargain, countless sunlight, diving, snorkelling etc. It is also a primary holiday time in European countries. If you are offered in the deep summertime you can still enjoy it because you can always sightsee at the beginning of the morning and get again at night as soon as the sunshine establishes. You'll definitely need great sunscreen and countless liquids to drink with an excellent hat on your own head.

It is really not true whatsoever that Egypt features just 2 seasons with 9 months of summer time together with rest winter months. You will find 4 distinguishable seasons.

The greatest times to check out Egypt come from September till March, during which time the current weather is great; and from September till mid-November, when it is very nice additionally the temperatures are pleasant for all activities - around 25 C to 15 C. Mid-Nov till the termination of February is winter season whenever temperatures during time are around 12 or 15 level C, and also at evening can drop to about 7 or 8 C.

From March until the end of April, there's frequently some sand blown about by large winds. Nonetheless on some days-perhaps only 2 or 3 with this two-month period, the weather may be therefore dirty that you may be incapable of go outside. Although almost all times there is certainly simply handful of dust in the air considering wind that blows through the desert from west.

Egypt is perfect all-year for snorkelling, scuba diving, etc, at a negative balance Sea location in Hurgada and Sharm el Sheikh. In winter time it gets both windy and chilly indeed there, that makes it perfect for windsurfing and kiting.

So in speaing frankly about when to check out, it is all for you to decide. If expense doesn't matter, after that winter occurs when you will need to go, specially xmas and new-year or the amount of Easter from mid-March till end of April. That is when the best climate will take place, although it gets chilly in December and January but it is nevertheless appropriate many areas of tourism throughout that time.

From mid-March till end of April, may be the Easter period for Orthodox and Catholic Easter festivities - the current weather is so nice, but prices increase as it is a top demand period.

Might till September may be the summertime. May and September weather condition is not so hot as suggested above, while Summer, July and August are hot, but prices are really low priced for flights as well as for rooms.

It is advised you take to the safari trips in the western wilderness, where treasures of beauty may be found that nobody knows about and no one thought to explore. Desert safaris tend to be perfect all through the year, except it gets cold through cold temperatures, definition from end of November till end of February.

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