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Blue Hole of Dahab

ClownfishLevel Advanced Scuba Divers

Dive depth Very deep diving, >40m

The Dahab Blue Hole the most famous and greatest plunge sites when you look at the whole World! It is a dive site situated 10km North of Dahab. The Blue Hole is a vertical cavern deeply called sink-hole at about 130m. There was an arch linking the blue hole to your Red water starting at 56m deep.

It is a fantastic and easy diving site if you do whilst a shallow plunge like most men and women do. But the Dahab Blue hole is fabled for becoming probably the most dangerous Dive site on earth and about 30 scuba divers perish here yearly while trying to dive underneath the Arch! It's a genuine tragedy therefore please, USUALLY DO NOT try to dive in Arch if you should be maybe not an incredibly experienced Tech and Deep Diver!!! Additionally, scuba diving beneath the Arch requires unique material eg a mixed-gas system.

Lion Fish

Despite its really dangerous reputation, the Blue Hole nonetheless remains one of several top scuba diving places in the field. But with an estimated 30 deaths annually, it's also one of the most dangerous dive internet sites in the world. Therefore, inexperienced divers tend to be frustrated to plunge therein.

The Dahab Blue Hole isn't only extremely popular for diving when you look at the shallows however for Snorkellers also regrettably the red coral here's really damaged in certain components. The marine life is great and you may often spot harmless reef Sharks and turtles.

Spanish DancerNumerous Freedivers come here to teach plus some of these tend to be even capable swim underneath the Arch!

Freediving is a type of diving, wherein scuba divers don't use any equipment and breathing device. They exclusively be determined by their capability to carry their air. William Trubridge, society record holder of freediving, is the very first guy to swim unassisted through the Blue Hole’s Arch.

Another great plunge web site just nearby is called the Bells and it is a 30m deep chimney worth to explore if you are an advanced diver.

There are some other famous Blue holes in the world, like Belize Blue Hole or the Deans Blue Hole.

This can be a Cave diving spot, make certain you have all required certifications. Blue Hole is classified as a Deep plunge. This location is a Reef.

You'll dive Blue Hole all through the year. Access: through the Shore. Begin to see the chart of Blue Hole on the suitable for the actual location.

Blue Hole The Dahab Blue Hole the most famous and best dive web sites in the whole World! Its a dive s... Julien 4

Turtle Yellow Seahorse in Lembeh Strait Clown fishes waiting facing their blue anemone home, Clownfish

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